DIY Playroom Series Part One: Crayon Wall Art

SimplySaturday–     In the process of putting together our updated playroom, my husband and I wanted wall art that would be playful, colorful and inspirational.  After scouring DIY projects on the internet, we settled on three different projects, rain gutter bookshelves, oil pan dry-erase chalk board and crayon art.  Today I am going to take you through our version of crayon art and how we did each canvas for under $5.


You will need:
3 Canvases (we used 16X20 from Michaels)
2 Crayola Crayon Boxes 120 Count
Gorilla Glue
Hot Air Gun or Hair Dryer with Diffuser
Wooden words or letters
Spray Paint

Tip:  We found the canvases on sale at Michaels 5 for $19.99.  If you sign up for their coupons and newsletters you can find one item for 50% off coupons bringing your total down to $10.

Tip:  The hot air gun we used was found on Craigslist for free.  My husband just had to pick it up. See what you can find in your local swap listings, Craigslist or garage sales.  As always, stay safe if you go retrieve items, bring someone with you and set up a meeting in a public place.

Our photos are a little dark since we completed this project after the kids went to bed.


1.   Line up your crayons, but do not glue just yet.  Have fun with this and pick the color combinations you would like most.  I found that I really liked the “Dream” canvas the most because the yellow, orange and green really popped.  You don’t have to put your colors in any particular order but  I would recommend at least eight crayons from the same family at a time for the most impact.


2.  Before you glue your crayons on the board, position your letters.  I used tape to stop the flow right before it hit the letters on our “Love” board.   Or you could just glue your letters on top of the wax.


3.  Next glue your letters.  Take a step back and look at them before they dry to make sure they are staying even.  I noticed as we progressed with each crayon that they started to move down slightly on the canvas.  It is an easy fix when the glue is still wet.

Tip: Do not use too much glue or it will seep through and show on your final canvas.

spray letters

4.  While you wait for your crayons to dry for about 2 hours, find a box and spray paint your letters.  We had white letters that formed the words we wanted.  These were found at Michaels also for two dollars each word.  We had some black spray paint at home and used it to make the letters pop.

5.    While your letters dry and after the two hour mark, take your canvas and prop against a wall or a chair.  This step can get messy.  We used two boxes, one on the floor, and the other underneath the canvas.  The first canvas was the hardest since we had never done this before.  If you look at my picture below, you can see how the wax was beginning to splatter.  I worked in sections starting towards the middle and moving out. You should go in an up and down direction, gently guiding your wax downward.  I started where the paper on the crayon began on top and then moved down.  The majority of time I was holding the air gun towards the bottom of the crayon and as the wax began to drip, I would blow air downward.  If you splatter, it really is not a big deal since you can go back over and add more wax to get the color you want to achieve.

crayon working twoTip:  The heat will change the color of your crayon wrappers, it really does not take away from the overall effect.

–    At this point just have fun.  No matter how your colors run, you will have your own unique piece of art.

6.  Once your wax has melted.  Remove your tape and glue on your letters.  Once the glue sets you are done and ready to mount.

wall crayon art hung up

I loved the way ours turned out; I hope you will as well. Feel free to leave me any questions in the comments.



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