Friday in Review

It's Friday-1This week was memorable because:

–     We survived B’s surgery.  My husband was holding her when they put her to sleep and she went limp so quickly he panicked.  She is such a daddy’s girl it is unbelievable, so you can imagine his heart stopped for a few.  He said he never wants to do that again.  All went well, her mouth hurt for about two days and now she is doing great.

–     My first giveaway is complete.  Sandy S.  is our winner and she has 72 hours to reply to my email.  Congratulations!

–     President Obama came to the State I live in and visited the Federal Prison.   Some wonderful human beings (dripping sarcasm) in my state decided to meet him with confederate flags.  I am mortified and sometimes wonder why I live here.  The city I live in is fantastic, but a good majority of the rest of this state needs a serious intervention.

–     I hit my five day goal and have a big shiny star at my Boot Camp Studio.  Very sore but hoping I can make it two weeks in a row.

–     I made some fantastic purchases this week.  I received $25 in credits at Amazon for a FitBit Charge HR purchase (plum), and $60 off a Kids Kindle Fire HD 7 Bundle during the  Amazon Prime Day. I am really excited about the Kindle.  B already has one and my kids fight over it all day. A is playing with it as I type this, thankfully B is sleeping.  We are most likely driving to NY again soon and our Kindle is unbelievably helpful.  We can download movies and play ABC Mouse.   I have heard mixed reviews about how members felt about the Amazon Prime Day sales.  I thought they were great, but then again they had some sale items I had been looking at purchasing for awhile.


–    I am still loving my Erin Condren planner.  My cover is not in yet (purple metallic) but, that is not stopping the fun.  How did I not get one of these sooner?  I purchased the meal planner, to-do list, budget book, markers etc..  I plan to order the Teacher’s planner this weekend.  I feel like my life became a bit easier.  The budget book is invaluable.

–   Our playroom design is complete, now we are just implementing all of the projects.  Tonight we are actually touching up the paint where the kids wrote on the walls. This weekend we will drill the book shelves in, we have to have them fitted to the corner so it is taking a bit longer than planned.  I think I can do this remodel for under $300.  The chairs and wet dry board are the two things driving up the price a bit.  I also plan to make my own magnetic chalk dry erase board and will share the process with you all.

–    We are looking at going to a cabin in the fall with the kids in another state.  I think it sounds lovely and we may just go for it.

How was your week?  What made it memorable?


5 thoughts on “Friday in Review

      1. Well…let me share my Father owns two motels and once a week his two (BEST) housekeepers come by to do the 5 1/2 bathrooms for me and 6 bedrooms. I keep the kitchen(s) summer kitchen and main kitchen and great room, lanai, spotless! My office clean once a week since I only use it 2-3 times for work. The game room my children keep organized or they’ll lose privileges!!! My hubs keeps the garages, pool house, trash, recycling done. I tend the pool every morning after or before breakfast (checking PH levels and/or adding water). I clip herbs every 4 days and tend my gardens (fruits and veggies daily). I am very busy but make time to blog on all 5 web sites plus Tasty I value my after supper and clean up, sunsets walks every evening to re-group. We are blessed to own a beachfront home; it is a lot of work but worth every minute. My Mom or MIL stop by frequently and are known to set the table, run the dust mop over the hardwood floors, etc. It takes organization plus to keep everyone healthy and happy including me! Have a good weekend.

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