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–     Today is Amazon Prime Black Friday!  I was up at three in the morning checking out deals and ended up purchasing a birthday present for my youngest son for about $60 off.  I could not believe how quickly the items were going.  It is still going on presently and the kids items are pretty great.  I wish I would have known about this a lot earlier.  I would have tried to get  most of my christmas shopping done now.

Prime Day Deals

–    My Erin Condren Planner came in and with it came such wonderful organizational joy!  I love it. I spent a good hour yesterday filling it up with birthdays, important dates, appointments etc.  I also purchased their budget book and I went through all of August, very enlightening.    I was  hoping to get up a review today, but my cover is not the one I ordered.  They were running behind with personalized covers so they sent out my planner with a free cover and my personalized one should be out shortly.  I also had a chance to look at their teachers planners and I think I may have to pick one up.    If you are interested, you can receive $10 off any purchase by clicking my link above or the picture below.

–     B’s surgery yesterday went great.  The kids were both up until five this morning but I think that may be because she slept most of the day due to anesthesia.

–    Are you purchasing any products from Black Friday?  Do you  love Erin Condren planners as much as I do?



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