Homegrown Collective July 2015 Review

IMG_2227Homegrown Collective
Cost:  $39 monthly plus $9 Shipping
Ships:  US and Canada (add $10 for Shipping)
Coupon: N/A


–     Lately I have felt the pull to learn how to make more environment friendly and home safe products.  I like the idea that I am using something that I made, and therefore know all of the ingredients.  One subscription I have watched over the last few months that appears to satisfy my curiosity of homemade products is Homegrown Collective.  Last month I visited their site, and looked at so many of their past boxes.  They really curate useful and interesting boxes.  My favorites so far are Essential Home Remedies and Cure-Alls and Eco Laundry.



This month’s box theme was Salty and Sweet and included the following recipes:

–     Pacific Sea Salt and Eucalyptus Hot Foot Scrub
–     Bath Soak with Lavender
–     Sugar and Lemon Scrub

IMG_2226–     I was really surprised at the amount of materials that your received in your box.  I had everything I needed to make all three recipes.  The projects all turned out so fantastic and smelled so amazing. I love lemon, lavender and eucalyptus.  I would have never thought to use lavender and eucalyptus together but it works well.

Cute moment, B grabbed her pots and was ready to create with me. In the end we put some sugar and water in her bowl and she stirred away.

–     I have tried the Sugar and Lemon Scrub and the Hot Foot Scrub so far.  I did not add the lemon to the sugar scrub but instead opted for their other suggestion, olive oil.  My skin is sensitive and I thought it was take a way a bit of the roughness off the sugar.  It seemed to have done the trick because I have had no issues.  I especially like how amazing my shower has smelled while using the products.


–     In the end I had plenty of leftovers to make these projects again.  I used all of the sugar, glycerin and lavender but still had enough of everything else to make more.  The larger jars are mine, and I was a little surprised to see that only one jar was included when in the end you would need three to house your projects.  My only other wish was that more glycerin was included.  I was able to make about two applications of the hot foot scrub but that was it since I ran out of glycerin.

–     The natural ingredients, recipes and items make this a valuable subscription and I actually would love to subscribe to this for the year.

What do you think of Homegrown Collective?



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