CAUSEBOX Summer 2015 Review and Free Box Offer


IMG_2206causebox lemon photo

Cost:  $54.95
Shipping:  US, with additional fees to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska
Coupon:  For a limited time CAUSEBOX is offering one free spring CAUSEBOX to new subscribers who sign up for an annual plan up front.  Use coupon code FREESPRING at checkout.

–     My summer CAUSEBOX finally arrived and I could not be happier.  I think I drove their customer service crazy, not intentionally, I was just really excited about this box.  I discovered CAUSEBOX a few months ago and actually did a bit of research on the start up and mission of Sevenly.  Every school year I tell my government students that I hope they go out and change the world; Sevenly really is doing it.  The company weekly teams up with charitable organizations to fundraise.  I recommend not only checking out CAUSEBOX but also taking a look at the Sevenly page.     My Summer Box arrived a little later than expected but it was well worth the wait.  I am not sure I have ever received an adult box this large.  Items included:

Item One:  Living on One Special Edition DVD ($24.99)

–       I have anxiously awaited this box in part because I desperately wanted to watch this video.  It is very inspiring to watch people make the most out of very difficult circumstances, and while the producers are really making a great impact to help those they filmed, I am just as inspired to see how their lives were forever changed.

Item Two:   Sevenly Lemonade Print- Frame not Included ($18)


–    This Lemonade Print was the second item I could not wait for.  I put this next to the video so you could see the size of the print.  I loved it so much I went and had it framed and it is now hanging between my kitchen and utility room.  The message is timeless.

Item Three:  Love for Humanity Face Cream (Retails $46.17 on Amazon)


–     This smells fantastic, a bit like grapefruit and is very moisturizing.  I always appreciate moisturizer in a box and I love that this is all natural.

Item Four:  Everly All Natural Hydrating Drink Mixes

IMG_2204–     I tried the Mango flavor today and it was wonderful.  Appears to help with  hydrate without chemicals and junk.

Items Five and Six:  Parker Clay Hairband Wrap ($16) and Parker Clay Upcycled Wrap Bracelet (Value $48)

IMG_2202–     Both of these items are great quality.  I will wear the headband but most likely gift the bracelet to someone a bit younger.

Item Seven:  Musana Bumba Necklace ($36)

IMG_2208–     This is a gorgeous necklace and the pouch is a nice touch.
Item EightKeepCup 16Oz To-Go Cup ($17)


–      I have received a glass KeepCup in a previous box and it is great quality.  Being a big time coffee drinker, I like the idea of reusable cups to help curb waste.

Value:  The Summer CAUSEBOX have a value of over $200 dollars.  I like all of the items in the box.  I researched past boxes and I do feel this is their best to date.  Budget allowing I would really like to keep this subscription and I feel great that it supports so many great causes.  Don’t forget to use coupon code FREESPRING to receive a free spring box when you sign up for an annual subscription.


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