SundayDear A:  Great job with your first sign language lesson.  I set out for thirty minutes and you kept going for almost two hours until I stopped you.  Your verbal skills may be a bit behind but you are smart as a whip!

Dear Husband:  What a roller coaster of a week we have had.  Goes to show we can find happiness and love and just hold on to it when things get tough.

Dear Ayden:  We have had so much fun this week.  You are such a big helper and I love how amazing you are with your little sister.

Dear Family:  I really wish we could have made it up North this summer.  I miss you all so much it hurts sometimes.  It was necessary to focus on the kids right now at home but we will definitely be seeing you all before you know it…you may not want us, lol.

Dear Readers: My post on our DIY Kids Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin comes out today.  This is not a new concept although I did vamp up the color a bit. The water bead bin was not A’s cup of tea so his Occupational Therapist recommended dry sensory bins.  I am happy to report that as I rolled the bin outside he immediately put his foot in and was playing around.  Such a good day today.

Dear B:  Surgery this week and mom is getting nervous.  You are so tiny to have to be put to sleep.  This is no big deal and I have to keep telling myself that.

Dear Jake:  I love that your running cross-country and I think your coach is one of the best people I know.

Dear Kev:  Almost your birthday!  I was so touched when you asked if it could be just the two of us that go out for your birthday.  I am going to miss you when you leave in August.  I know, it is only until Christmas.

Dear Kate and Ky:  Still missing you both.

Dear Me:  Get your five days of Boot Camp in this week!

Here is hoping to a wonderful end to a great weekend.



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