Friday Week in Review

It's Friday-1–    Fit Body Boot Camp, Strawberry Wine and over 300 crayons, A’s first Occupational Therapy appointment, and so much more. This week has been busy!


–     Last night after a long week with many appointments, I sat together with my husband and a glass of wine and created some crayon art for our kids play room.  I had no idea we would like creating these crayon canvases, but we really enjoyed ourselves; the Farmer’s Market Strawberry Wine we purchased may have assisted us a bit.  We are in the process of removing all of the little ones toys from their bedrooms and just making a space  for them to learn and discover.  My first step is to create the atmosphere. I have always loved and wanted to try the crayon art signs that you see on the internet.  Here is a quick look at what we did last night.  I also found some huge art paperclips to add on the wall.   I will post pictures and discuss the process once we get everything hung up.

final crayon on table

–     Speaking of appointments, I was a frazzled mess taking my 2-year-old A to Occupational Therapy and to an auditory appointment.  The OT went fantastic, I love his worker.  The auditory was a bust.  He just would not let them put the bud in his ear, it was a painful process. To be honest, I have no idea why they even thought they could do this with a kid that has a sensory processing disorder, but at least they didn’t torture him.  They are sending us to a specialist next.  I still view this as a win, we are heading in a good direction.

–     B also went to her first half day of Pre-school.  Once again mom was a nervous wreck.  I kept waiting for her to melt down and cry.  She was very shy but did not cry and really seemed to have a good time.  I met several parents and was shocked at how friendly and kind they all were.  One of them even checked on B for me so I could leave knowing she was doing well.  B’s favorite is their class pet bunny.  She said she would like to go back and play with her friends. Total Win!

–     Today I should get reviews out for the Summer Causebox and ToGo Spa Society, both amazing companies with fantastic products and great values. Tomorrow I am taking B out for a fun mom/daughter photo shoot to introduce you to Sprouting Threads. I wanted to get the photo shoot done earlier this week, but we have had heavy rain every day and flooding.   PopSugar should also arrive any day.

causebox lemon photo

–     Michael’s had a sale on all of their frames and custom framing yesterday.  I took my lemonade print from the Summer Causebox and had it framed for just $9.99.  I love the way this looks, and it has such a great message.

–     I went to my first Fit Body Boot Camp class  yesterday, and had a great time. The work outs are fast paced, which really works in my favor because it is over before you know it.  Totally kicked my butt, and that is a good thing.  I went ahead and signed up for six weeks.  It may sound bizarre, but it was tremendously hard for me to step foot in that gym.  I am proud that I did.  Fit Body Boot Camp is a chain, my chain is for women only.  They really welcomed me and I would recommend checking them out.  In my busy world I like that the workouts are only about 40 minutes and you actually make appointments which makes you a bit more accountable.  The only mishap I had was that my sneaker kept falling off.  Time to get  a new pair.

–   What made your week special?



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