Sunday Letters


Dear Family:

–     Yesterday’s Fourth of July party was quite relaxed but so much fun.  Our impromptu movie night was awesome.  Highly recommend the movie Home for the kids, very cute. We have Amazon Prime so we stream movies from our wii console.  I have not had cable for years and I like being able to control what my kids watch.  I also hate commercials, I want my kids to love what they do have and not spend too much time wishing for what they don’t.  Rhianna plays the female lead in Home and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory plays the alien lead.  Love them both.

Dear Mosquitoes, spiders and any other bugs that bite: 

–     Please leave my kids alone.  I almost made two trips to the ER this week.  Kev had a nasty spider bite that caused a fever and scared me half to death, and my two-year-old could not see out of his eye for two days thanks to mosquito bites.   If you have any great mosquito remedies, I would love to hear them!

Dear Kindle Fire:

–     I love you, really truly deeply.  I have had a Kindle since First Generation, and it gives me hours upon hours of joy as I read sample after sample of books and choose which ones I love.  I am getting ready to purchase another one for A for his birthday since he keeps taking B’s.  We purchased this foam case and a warranty for the kids, but so far we have had no problems and the kids can be a bit rough.     Due to the amount of Kindles I have purchased over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised if they know us by name by now down at Kindle Headquarters.


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