When Mom Goes Down, Everyone Goes Down

It's Friday-1–    Is it just me or is this summer absolutely flying by? This week has been interesting to say the least.  I went to Urgent Care the other day and I am still not recovered.  When mom goes down, the house goes down and everyone with it. However, not even illness can stop me from dreaming about future projects and subscription reviews.

–    Speaking of projects, we have so many Legos around the house, buckets upon buckets.  Thanks to Pinterest,  I think I may have found one way to get them organized. I love this picture and it is perfect for a young boys room!  We may make a few and sell one.


–     All week I have tried to talk myself out of starting Fit Body Boot Camp and even though I am a little nervous as soon as I feel better I am there.  I really want to get in shape again so I can start doing 5Ks throughout the year.  I have bad gym anxiety since I have gained so much weight.  A is two, and I am healthier now, it is time to get back in shape.

FBBC-Location-U–     I am still waiting on my Erin Condren planner and several boxes, one of which is sadly almost a month late now.

–    This week will mark my first giveaway on this site and it is kind of ridiculous how excited I am.  I feel like I am going to give someone a wonderful present..stay tuned.

–     I set up a Twitter account finally this week and oh is it confusing. I definitely see my age here.  I will work with it some more this week, especially since it is part of the giveaway raffle copter.

–     Although I am newer at blogging I really love it and plan to continue.  Hopefully this blog only gets better and better.

Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend!



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