Book Reviews: Luckiest Girl Alive and Dietland

Two on Tuesday–    I read incessantly and I just finished several books, but these two are my current stand outs.  Both books tackle serious women’s issues with some dark twists and turns. Neither book is for the faint of heart.  If you jump in and pick one up, please feel free to leave your thoughts or perceptions in the comments.  I would love to discuss each of these with you.   Enjoy!


Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll:

–     Gone Girl meets Prep is how many are describing Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive, and I could not agree more. Ani FaNelli, (pronounced ah-nee, not annie) appears to have it all:  beauty, a top job in a women’s magazine, a gorgeous rich fiance,and the admiration of many around her. She has worked hard to create the perfect life and has left her tragic high school persona, TiffAni (real name) behind. The book takes you on Ani’s journey as she prepares to both say “I Do” to a man she considers stabbing in the first few pages of the book, and film a documentary about the tragic turn of events during her high school years.  The book does not have a shocking end or turn of events, but it is a great read, I finished it in two days.

Fight Club for Women: Why ‘Dietland’ is Not Another Chick Lit Novel

Dietland by Sarai Walker:

–     I consider this book a complete ruse, in a good way.  You think this is a chic lit summer read and then all of a sudden you recognize that there is a much richer, deeper, hidden message that you will not be able to overlook.

–     Plum Kettle is walking through life trying to be invisible.  At over 300 lbs, she plans on becoming a new woman after her stomach stapling surgery is complete.  Every day she walks to her local cafe and answers teenage girls self-help questions as a ghost writer for her “perfect” boss and editor Kitty.  She reads about all sorts of teenage angst and tries to help ease these young girls pain with her files of advice.  Plum believes that her own pain will be erased as her dress size decreases.  She even begins to purchase all of those gorgeous outfits that she will fit into soon. Boyfriend, husband, baby, perfect body,  can all be yours after you undergo a life threatening surgery.  For Plum, this is not a problem.

–     When Plum suspects that a young girl in colored tights and combat boots is secretly following her, she has no idea that her life is about to go into a tail spin.  With the help of various women, Plum begins to look at her life through a different lens.  Is the problem with Plum and her weight or is it with the way society treats women as a whole?   Enter JENNIFER, an underground group of woman trying to change the world through extreme means and you have one heck of a book.  I could not put this down.

Note:  Both books can be a bit graphic at times.  Subjects discussed include but are not limited to pornography and rape.

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Happy Summer Reading.



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