Monday Coffee

Monday CoffeeGood Morning!

–      I have my coffee, now I need to just figure out what I am going to do with myself.  The baby fell asleep at 2:30 in the morning, here is hoping he is about to change schedule and allow mom to start sleeping the night again.  No sleep right now, I am preparing to take the kids to Big Splash today before dad heads to work.

–     We had a fantastic movie night yesterday and I posted all about it.  We plan on putting together another one in a few weeks (Frozen in July).  I have some really fun craft ideas planned.

I see a snow sensory bin in my future. I had no idea you could purchase this much instant snow on Amazon.

–     Speaking of sensory bins, I have a special bin and product review coming out this week that means a lot to me.  The bin is geared towards kids who have Sensory Disorders and that are in Occupational Therapy.

Learning Resources Handy Scoopers
I will be using these Learning Resources Handy Scoopers in the bin to help promote motor skills and even help early learners  experiment with how to hold scissors.

–    In my subscription world, this week I have several boxes arriving and I need to catch up on a few of my June boxes.  I am trying to convince myself to pick up Knit Crate even though I have no idea where I will find the time to complete the projects.  I love knitting.   I am also planning a photo shoot with B this week for a new kid clothing subscription.  It is pretty amazing and has options that I have not found anywhere else.

–    On the home front I am still working on organizing pretty much everything.  This week I am getting my jewelry in order and I am also putting together a binder system with all of my important documents including the kids important papers.  I plan to share both as soon as I finish.  Going through my records, I could not believe how much was actually lost.  I am going to have to take a trip down to Vital Records and City Hall for Birth and Marriage Certificates before this week is over.

Here is to a productive, fun and memorable week with lots of quality time.



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