DIY Kids: Big Hero Six Family Movie Night

Film:  Big Hero Six

–     In honor of our nine-year-old returning home, we had a welcome back family movie night.  Since we had so much fun, we are going to do two more over the summer.  Next month is Frozen in July.

Centerpiece:  DIY Baymax Baloons and Clay Holder

IMG_1918 (2) IMG_1919 (3)

Extras:  Baymax Tees and Waterbottles

My 2-year-old rocking his Baymax T-shirt

Food: Baymax Pizza, Popcorn and Your Health Companion Salad!

IMG_1929 (2)

IMG_1947 (2)IMG_1950 (2)IMG_1956 (2)

Special thanks to Endlessly Inspired for providing the template for our Baymax Bags.

Tip: Use card stock, we used printer paper and lined the bags with zip lock sandwich bags but they were not very sturdy.

Special thanks also to dimple Prints for her Big Hero Six Popcorn recipe.

Tip:  You can also make sushi instead of pizza.  I had considered PBJ sushi since my kids do not like regular but I was out voted.

Activity:  Make Your Own Baymax

Fun with clay IMG_1928 (2)IMG_1938 (2)

Even the teens had fun….

IMG_1943 (2)

Plan Ahead-Items Purchased:

Baymax Tee (eBay)
Zak Designs Disney's Big Hero 6 Tritan Water Bottle by Zak Designs, 25-Ounce, Clear
Zac Designs Water bottles
Crayola Air-Dry Clay 5 LBS

–   We had enough for three fairly large Baymax sculptures.

Kenny's Black Licorice Laces 1LB Bag
Kenny’s Black Licorice Laces

Tip:  We used these for Baymax eyes on the sculptures and on the pizza.  They also made a great snack.

Popcorn Items (refer to recipe link above, if item not included you can find it in your grocery store without hassle):

Wilton Edible Pens (you need black for the eyes on the Jordan Almonds in the popcorn).
Wilton Red Candy Melts, 12-Ounce
Red Chocolate Candy Melts

The Jordan Almonds were purchased at a local grocery store in the bulk department.  It was much more cost effective that way.

–     Kids grow up way too fast and a Family Movie Night is a great way to get the them together, spend quality time as a family, and make memories. We had a great night and the hug I received from our nine-year-old was priceless.

–  J

IMG_1951 (2)


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