Sunday Life Letters


Dear Husband:  I had so much fun with you yesterday. Sometimes with our crazy life I forget how much fun it is to just be with you.  I always know exactly why I married you when we go out together, we have such a great time.  You are truly my best friend.

IMG_1884 (2)Dear Ayden:  Our Big Hero Six Family Night is today!!! We have been planning this as a surprise for you over the last two months.  Here is hoping you love it.

IMG_1919 (3)
The kids will each be making their own clay Baymax.

IMG_1918 (2)

Dear Sister in Law:  Very happy for you on the announcement of your engagement!


Dear Fitbit:  I see you becoming a part of my life in the near future.  I have a Color Run and Turkey Trot to start training for soon.

The plum charge HR is my current favorite.

Dear Italy and Greece Crew:  I am counting down the days, you have no idea.  Looking forward to seeing all of you when we have our garage sale. Now I just need to get my act together and get it ready!

Trevi Fountain…will meet you soon.

Dear SCOTUS:  Well done and about time.  I would argue that a persons religion should not intermingle with equal protection under the law.  It is not up to any of us to judge if something someone else is doing is immoral, especially if it does not harm us directly.  I believe there just may be a higher power that does that for us.

Dear iPhone and Android:  I cannot decide which one of you to purchase.  I love my Droid, really love my Droid, but I think the iPhone is more compatible with what I will be doing in the future…ugh.

Dear Lightroom CC and Photoshop:  How you confuse me.  I am watching a ton of tutorials right now.  Here is hoping I can take photos that actually are lit up a little better.

Dear B:  I am sorry we missed the Princess Party yesterday, they sold out before I purchased a ticket.  The good news is Elsa contacted me personally and is planning to have a tea party with you soon!  PS:  You and your sister will always be my princesses, no matter how old you get.

Dear Family:  Whether you like it or not I am about to go through our house with trash bags and will donate, sell, or trash anything I find.  I suggest you put up whatever you wish to keep. Love mom.

Dear Kevin:  The countdown until you move into your dorm has begun.  I am going to miss you terribly.

Dear Kyle:  I loved seeing you this week!  You looked so handsome too.

Dear Kate:  Congratulations on your new house.  Looks like I will be heading to Ohio very soon.

Happy Sunday!



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