Kloverbox and MSA Limited Edition “Beach House” Box

Cost: $25
Shipping: United States

–     Kloverbox offers subscribers 6-8 premium natural, organic beauty/fitness/nutrition products each month.  This review is for the Limited Edition collaboration box with My Subscription Addiction ($100).   After much anticipation and a slight delay in shipping, my Kloverbox/MSA Limited Edition Beach House Box arrived.

First Look upon opening.

–    I was happy to see everything arrive in such great shape. The packaging was great and I especially enjoyed how my pillow inflated upon opening. Kloverbox is a new subscription for me and so far I am really impressed.


Box Contents Included:

Item One:  Thursday Friday Gold Toe Tote ($22) msa klover –     These totes retail for $110 dollars but they have been going on sale for a few weeks now.  The latest price value I have seen with a coupon is $22. There are several color variations but I received the tote in Bijou Blue.  Some of the other color variations were Creme de Menthe (green base) and Antler (beige) and you can see them by clicking on my Thursday Friday link.   I think this tote is great for summer and very good quality.  Honestly, I am always in need of totes for one thing or another, so I am pleased. There was also a $20 off Thursday Friday coupon card included in the box.

Item Two: One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Polish (Full Size $48)

IMG_1905-2–     Wow!  This body polisher is pineapple scented and it is so good.  We swim a lot so this is perfect for those after showers.  I really like that it exfoliates but does not leave an oily residue.  I would definitely purchase more in the future and that tropical pineapple scent is pure summertime.

Item Three:  Goldfaden MD Sun Visor (Full Size $45)


–     I just ran out of my sunscreen so the timing on this is great. This sunscreen is oil and fragrance free, light weight and can be worn over or under make up.

Item Four:  Hand in Hand Sea Salt Liquid Hand Soap (Full Size $18)

IMG_1907-2–     I think this may be my favorite find in the whole box.  Hand in Hand Sea Salt supports Fair Trade, is refreshing, and has a minty scent.  I checked out their website and their products look super luxe and absolutely wonderful.  The Sea Salt hand soap made my hands feel very clean and soft upon use.  If it were not for the price tag I would get these for every room in my house. Their water candles look amazing.

Item Five:  Olio Studio Aqua Stripe Pillow ($39)

IMG_1913-2–     Olio pillows are made of 100% cotton and are Eco-friendly.  This Aqua style was a box exclusive but there are similar ones on the site that go for my valued price above.  The quality of this pillow is great and I really like the zipper enclosure.  I am going to try to trade for three more of these for my living room.

Item Six:  Tatcha Enriching Renewal Cream (Travel Size $44)IMG_1910-2–    This is an anti-aging cream that promotes micro-circulation to reduce age spots and renew appearance.  This is a very small sample but the full size actually retails $185.  I tried a bit and it has a nice feel and scent.  For me to spend that kind of money this would have to be the holy grail of skin care…guess I will find out.

Value:  I always get nervous when I go blindly into a limited edition box.  I loved what Liz Cadman curated when she worked with Quarterly so I took a bit of a chance.  I have to give her a lot of credit, she communicates well and comes up with creative solutions.  I am thrilled with this box, its perfect for summer and I will use everything!.  I don’t say that very often. This box is now sold out but the Kloverbox subscription is available.  Hopefully we will see more collaborations in the future.


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