Saturday Simplicity: Cherry Street Farmers Market


–     Simplicity can be defined as freedom from complexity, intricacy, or the state of being simple.  Sometimes I take a step back and look at my life as objectively as I can and I realize that there is never going to be enough time or enough of me to achieve and accomplish everything that I would like.  It won’t stop me from trying but I have to make sure I stay grounded on many fronts.  That is when my priorities, or my Northern Compass comes in handy.

IMG_1862 (2)IMG_1889 (2)

IMG_1841 (2)IMG_1849 (2)

–     The most important thing in the world to me is my family.  Not just my husband and children, but also my parents and siblings and of course the in laws. I also agree with many when they say family is so much more than blood.  My goal with Saturday Simplicity is to stay aligned with my own priorities while trying to achieve simple living.  Today, my top priority was to spend time with my husband, real quality time, before he went to work.  I purposefully stopped myself from worrying about the kids, housework, money or other various complaints, and just went out there and was present with and for him.

IMG_1887 (2)IMG_1856

IMG_1873 (2)

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–      One of our favorite inexpensive outings is to go to our local Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.  I wanted to try and find the ingredients for a Lovage Soup Recipe that I have had for over 20 years.  After we walk around and look at the gorgeous produce and foliage, my husband and I then go to our favorite Irish Pub for brunch.  Farmers Market, one Bloody Mary, an Irish breakfast and a great conversation, does it get any better?

IMG_1848 (2)

Lets make this weekend beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Saturday Simplicity: Cherry Street Farmers Market

  1. Very good Jenny, my husband and I go on our Boat every 3-4 months to get away it is critical to his well-being and he feels mine for that alone quality time together. Although it is hard for me to leave my babies I do it for him! I completely trust my parents and/or in-laws with my five children I can not help the mom in me!!! Your Florida Bud, Cheryl

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