Friday Week in Review

It's Friday-1

–      How different it feels to write in the summer. I normally go over my crazy week but things are relatively calm around here.

–     The week has been pretty laid back, my only complaint is that the kids did not sleep a single night this whole week.  If A fell asleep, B was up and vice versa.  I feel completely out of sync, but there is a silver lining;   I have been able to get quite a bit done with the blog.

Up all night, sleep all day……

–     Speaking of blog, what do you think of the new layout? I am such a newbie in the blogging world but I think little by little I am getting the hang of it.  You would think running a law office would give me some credentials here, but I have entered a new world, seriously.  I am grateful that I have made some great blogging friends a long the way, and I look forward to hearing from them each week. I will be inviting some guest authors to this site in the future and I hope you love them as much as I do.

–     I have been using the site Canva over the last few days to create new blog themes and headers.  The new Friday picture above was created using their designs and programs.  It is really simple to put a picture together and very inexpensive.  Here is another example that you will be seeing soon:

Two on Tuesday

–     I recently read an article that asked if I had ten favorite blogs.  The idea is that  you needed at least ten to determine what type of blogger you want to be.  I had no idea if I had ten favorites until I thought about it.  I absolutely have over ten and each one offers something a bit different.  The three blogs I am crushing on right now are:  A Beautiful Mess (scrapbooking, DIY, blogging photography)A Bowl Full of Lemons (home organization groups), and Subscription Box Ramblings (subscription reviews by a very fun lady).  I also have some favorite friends on Word Press.

–    Next weeks blogs are almost done, and I have some surprises ahead, including our family movie night.

Have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend.



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