Thursday Thoughts on Kids and Sports

Sports is a very important subject at school, that’s why I gave Quidditch such and important place at Hogwarts. I was very bad in sports, so I gave Harry a talent I would really loved to have. Who wouldn’t want to fly?”

JK Rowlings

–     Today I am hooking up with Jen at Subscription Box Ramblings for another edition of Thursday thoughts.

My husband took this shot. It is a bit blurry but her face says a lot.

–     My daughter’s face in this picture really expresses the heart of my rambling.   Yesterday, my four-year-old B had her first t-ball practice.  The whole situation started out extremely odd.  I found myself running around like crazy because after not hearing anything about t-ball since May, they contacted us yesterday to tell us that they were sorry for the last minute notice but B was going to have her first practice at 6:30 that evening and then a game tonight.  I had signed B up in the spring for the summer session, but because of weather they postponed the summer season.  I never paid, and I never looked back.  Somehow I ended up on the “joined” list and received an email yesterday.  I had exactly two hours to go buy a glove and get her baseball ready. She really wanted to go play.  I showed her videos, and thankfully Target came to my rescue, they had the cutest Hello Kitty glove.

–     Unfortunately I had another engagement so my husband took her to practice.  I stayed in contact with him because this was her first real sports experience and to be honest I was a bit worried. We are still working on listening skills; who am I kidding, we are majorly working on listening skills.  Have I mentioned B is a bit stubborn?  I like to think it is her fiercely independent spirit that makes listening hard…..yes, this could be denial.

–     When I finally reached my husband, he informed me that B was not having a good time at practice.  It was almost 100 degrees and she kept telling her dad she was too hot.  He weathered that storm with an ice cold water bottle and a promise of ice cream later.  What he was not expecting was the huge crash that was about to take place.  A little boy ran into my daughter while they were practicing. and his helmet busted her lip and knocked her down.  Just our luck!  B immediately started crying and would not get back and practice.  My husband made the executive decision to take her home.

Pre-crash disaster.

–     It was interesting.  I was expecting my husband to tell my daughter to toughen up and it would be okay.  Instead he pretty much said she didn’t have to go back if she did not want to, she was probably too young.  That is where I get tripped up.  My daughter has very little social interaction with other kids.  I wanted her to get some social skills and learn some real life lessons.  I told her tonight that we were going to go to her game and that I would be there, and take her for ice cream when we were done.  I told her that we are tough and can do this.  She agreed, but I will believe it when I see it.  The question is, am I making the right choice?  She will be five soon, I think at this age t-ball is a great experience but I also believe that each child is their own person, maybe t-ball is not for my B?

What are you thoughts?



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