Kiwi Crate June 2015 Review

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Kiwi Crate
Cost: $19.99 monthly
Shipping:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  Click Here for 50% off your first month for any Kiwi Crate line box (Koala, Tinker, Kiwi and Doodle) using my referral link.  The discount is automatic after clicking, bringing your crate down to $10.00 for the first month.  This will start a subscription so you will need to cancel if you wish to discontinue.  You can also pause in your account settings.

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–     Every month around the 15th my daughter’s eyes light up with excitement.  She knows the green crate that has just arrived in the mail is something special just for her, and she and mom are about to have some fun.  Kiwi Crate is a once a month subscription service for kids ages 3-7 that provides themed arts and craft with a strong education experience.  Kiwi offers many boxes for different ages and my referral link above works for every one of them.  My daughter B has been working on Kiwi Crates for about two years now and she adores them.  We also subscribe to Koala Crate which is specifically aimed for 3 and 4-year-olds.  You can see the June Koala Crate Review HERE or a past Kiwi Crate Review HERE.  You can also search through all of my Kiwi or Koala Crate Reviews by using the above search bar or my Subscription Box List at the top of the page.

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Each Kiwi Crate also comes with explore! magazine. There are always extra games, crafts and idea in explore! and of course B loves the colorful pictures.

– The June theme is Spheres and their Peers.  It included all of the above materials. Kiwi Crate impressed me this month beyond words.  They send out surveys asking what their subscribers would like to see changed.  My one minor complaint to them was to try to make their crafts a little less messy.  I was thrilled to see a mess mat included with this box and a jar to shake up your color dye that had a lid.

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–      I try not to show too much print from their instruction booklets but this will at least give you an idea of what they send.  Each craft comes with its own instruction booklet and a detailed outline of all materials needed.  Typically there are very helpful  pictures.  B and I completed this at about eleven at night as she was having a bout of insomnia.  I made a few mistakes this month but I think our projects still turned out well.

Project One:  My Tangram Game

IMG_0349 (2)

–     B loved this project and I appreciated its educational value.  We first colored all of the wooden shapes and made designs with the included white crayon. I misread the step on how to make the color so our blocks are a little lighter than they should be.  I am not sure who had more fun with the cards, me or B.  There were eight picture cards in bright vibrant colors.  We went over shapes, colors and a little bit of reading.

IMG_0352 (2)–    Here is a closer look at our finished blocks.  Kiwi gave you a choice of pink or blue blocks, we went ahead and did both variations.

Project Two:  My Bubble Shaper

–     When I first saw this project I was beyond excited.  My kids love bubbles!  The bubble concentrate bottle was pretty large.  B and I started on this project about midnight and unfortunately I misread again (mommy needed to go to bed) and I messed up the concentrate.  I went ahead and used the bubbles we had at the house to outline our bubble shapes and we had a good time.

Value:  We are a Kiwi family and will continue to subscribe for years to come.  I purchase a year of Kiwi for my daughter as a holiday gift.  This year I will be adding Koala.  My 9-year-old wants to give Tinker a try next month as well.  Your first box is only $10 if you click HERE. This will start a subscription but you can go in to your account to pause or cancel.  I have never had a problem stopping or restarting my subscription.

Let me know what you think!



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