MSA/Kloverbox Delay

–     I have been anxiously awaiting my Limited Edition Kloverbox collaboration with MSA.  Yesterday I saw a review and was a bit more excited.  In the review others had also received their boxes.  This morning I received this following apology letter.  I have never subscribed to Kloverbox but I am a big My Subscription Addiction fan and have always appreciated how much Liz communicates.  I do think the $10 return was nice but, this is a disappointment, especially seeing others with their boxes. That being said, this would not stop me from buying another box from Liz, she really creates some terrific boxes and this one is no different.

Limited Edition Box from MSA + Kloverbox

The letter.

     Due to the way one of the items for the box was shipped, several units were badly damaged in shipping.  There was no way of knowing just how bad the shipment arrived until we already promised a shipping date and printed labels. We’re getting replacement items shipped to us this week for this custom made item, and will ship out your box as soon as we receive them.

 To apologize for this delay, we would like to offer you a:

 $10 refund on your box

     We’re so sorry about this delay. The last thing we want to do is send you a box with items that aren’t in perfect condition, so we hope that this solution is acceptable.

    We planned to give ourselves a good buffer window on shipment, and this has been one of those “everything that can go wrong will go wrong” situations.

     Many lessons have been learned, and we hope that you enjoy the box when you receive it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Kelly Ross + Liz Cadman

Kloverbox + MSA


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