Making Monday Marvelous

WARNING:  Busy week ahead.

–     I always write on Monday’s to try to get a head start on the work week ahead.  It takes a whole new meaning when you are out of work for summer (I am a high school teacher).

Here is this week’s game plan:

–    Purge, home purge and more home purge.  That sounds kind of gross doesn’t it?  I am going around my house this week and figuring out what I am donating, throwing out, saving for our garage sale or recycling.  I started with my clothes closet today and I have to say it is really hard to let go of things.  I keep saying, “well I may wear that someday.”  I completed round one, and I am going to go back this afternoon and see if I can find more to part with.

–    Today is my final class/assignment for my beginner DSLR photography class.  I can’t say that I take great pictures just yet but, I can honestly say I am getting better.  Our last project is a photo scavenger hunt.  I plan on taking another class next month.

–     Saturday I am taking B to party with Disney Princesses at a local “Doll House.”  She wants to go as Elsa.  I am also really happy because I found out Disney Frozen on Ice is coming to town around her birthday.  Time for another mother-daughter special birthday outing.

–     Sunday is our Big Hero Six Family night.  Our Baymax t-shirts came in and they are adorable.  I will post pictures Sunday night.

–    In my “spare” time, we will most likely be spending a lot of time by the pool.  It is going to be gorgeous outside this week.

Here is to a beautiful summer week!



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