Koala Crate June 2015 Review “Ocean”

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Koala Crate
Cost:  $19.95/monthly
Ships:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  To receive $10.00 off just click here and sign up!!!

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.

–     Koala Crate is a newer subscription that is part of the Kiwi Family. I subscribe to both Kiwi and Koala crate each month so that I have instant educational crafts  available when I get home from work.  We have had so much fun with both of these subscriptions.  I have wrote multiple reviews for both crates and you can look them up using my search bar on the right or you can click HERE for a past Koala crate review or HERE for a past Kiwi review.  Koala Crate is for ages 3-4, and I find both my four and two-year-old really enjoy this particular crate.

IMG_0409 (2)

–     This month’s theme was Ocean and this is a first look upon opening my box.  Everything was in great condition.

IMG_0411 (2)

–     The June contents.  I wanted to include my daughter’s hand to show you how hard it was to get this picture.  She could not wait to get going.

Activity One:  Watercolor Fish

IMG_0414 (2)

–     For this activity you put a fish on a paper towel and color with the markers included in the box.  When you are finished you spray the fish so the colors will blend.

IMG_0423 (2)

–     I loved that when B took out the markers she told me what each color was, then we talked about color mixing.  She had a bit of fun putting all of the marker caps on her fingers and pretending she had claws.

Activity Two:  Fishing Game

IMG_0424 (2)

–     After your fish dry, you decorate with the included eyes and sparkle stickers.  We had a copy of Rainbow Fish, so we read the story and pretended we were sharing our shiny scales.  Then we glued the fish on the blue cards included.  You then put together your hook.  I appreciated that Koala crate gave you two options with the fishing hook.  We chose to use the string to make it a bit more advanced.IMG_0426 (2)–     B really had a lot of fun picking up our fish.  Our third card was still drying at this point so we just played with the two.

Activity Three:  Sea Creature Puzzle

IMG_0429 (2)–     There were actually three more activities included in this box under the Sea Creature Puzzle heading.  The first was to take apart and put the puzzle back together.  The second, to use the puzzle pieces for bath play, they stick on your walls with water.  The  last activity was to take the extra tissue paper and trace the puzzle pieces.  You then work on scissors skills by cutting out the pictures and the repeat activity one with the markers and squirt bottle.

Value:  I was really impressed with this month’s Koala Crate.  There were five activities total and the quality of the materials as always was excellent.  My daughter and I had a lot of fun.  You can try this subscription for ten dollars by clicking on my referral link HERE.

Happy Crafting!



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