Try the World June 2015 Paris Box Review

IMG_9048 - CopyDisclosure:  This post contains referral links.

Try The World
Shipping: United States and Canada
Coupon: Click HERE for my personal referral that will automatically take $15 off your first box.

–     Try The World is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you deluxe products from around the globe.  I received this box free of charge through a promotion, but I think I may keep the subscription after this month.  This is quite possibly one of the most elegant boxes I have seen and it makes for a wonderful date night.


–     Apologies, it was raining, actually flooding when I took these pictures so they are a bit dark.  Each Try The World comes with a detailed explanation of all of your items.


–     Also included is a small cultural guide that offers suggestions on how to make the most out of the products in your box.  My husband and I had fun looking at the Paris movie and music sections.


–     The packaging is lovely and this box was very deep and heavy.  Everything arrived in perfect condition, considering how much glass is in this box I was thoroughly impressed.  I have kept an eye on this subscription for awhile and I have to say it does appear to be getting better and better with each box they send out.

The Paris Box included:

IMG_9052 - Copy

Item One: Maison D’Armorine  Salted Butter Caramels

Item Two:  La Mere Poulard Palets


–     Paris desserts, who could ask for more?  The caramels were very decadent, very mild and addictive.  The short bread cookies are made with only five ingredients including salted butter from Brittany and I swear I was having a Calgon moment (for those that are my age), an Herbal Essence moment for the younger crowd.  I would purchase both of these items again.

Item Three:  Domaine Des Vignes mustard made in Dijon

Item Four:  Le Saunier De Camargue fleur del sel


–     We grilled a ham steak recipe the other night and the Domaine Des Vignes made a wonderful addition.  I have yet to use the Le Sauniers but I cannot wait.  It has no chemical treatment and is considered one of France’s most exclusive finishing salts.

Item Five: Charles Antona Corsican Jam in Clementine


–     I love jam but have never tried one that combines Mediterranean herbs and local French Fruit.  When I was in Paris in November, I remember thinking how interesting it was that they had so many assortments of jams and jellies at breakfast.  After tasting this I wish I would have given more a try.

IMG_0353 (2)

Item Six:  Maison Peltier Artisanal Honey

–     The Peltier family has passed on beekeeping one generation to the next since 1946.  Maison Peltier focuses on the preservation of the bees for both the product and the environment. There are so many amazing honey brands out there right now but I have to say this is in my top three. There was also a tea bag in the box but it is not included on the contents list.

Value:   I did not do a cost break down of this box  because honestly there is no need to, the value is the experience itself.  This is one box I don’t think I want to stop receiving.

What do you think of Try the World? Click HERE to receive $15 off your first box.



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