Nerd Block “British Invasion” June 2015 Review

IMG_0306 (2)

Nerd Block
Cost:  $19.00 plus shipping ($8.95 for US costumers)
Shipping:  Worldwide (shipping costs vary)
Coupon: n/a

–     Every month Nerd Block sends you 5-6 “nerdy” products and a shirt in your size.  This month’s guest curator was Mr. Bean and the theme was British Invasion.     I sponsor the Anime Club at my school and my students voted that they would like to occasionally raffle off boxes that included anime collectables.

IMG_0323 (2)

–     Each month you will receive a postcard the outlines your products.

IMG_0309 (2)

–     First look at our package.  Everything was in great condition.  I was really excited to see a Doctor Who collectable because my students are big fans.

Item One:  Mr. Bean Bendable

IMG_0312 (2)

–     Not sure this Mr. Bean Bendable is very “Anime” but I know my students will enjoy bending him.

Item Two:  Mr. Bean Teddy

IMG_0316 (2)

–     Mr. Bean’s Teddy is actually quite cute.  Whoever put this together did a great job, it is lovely and seems to be of good quality.

Item Three:  Monty Python Magnets

IMG_0322 (2)  –     I have several students that would go absolutely nuts for these.  I am thinking about asking them if we can keep these on our anime board.  I can see the students having fun rearranging these magnets.

Item Four:  Bored T-Shirt by

IMG_0325 (2)

–     I am not sure what to make of this t-shirt, partially because I have to wear it to work on our first Anime Club meeting day. The shirts itself is actually very soft and it is a reference that all Sherlock Holmes Fans would understand.  Shirtpunch has some very awesome shirts for $10, if you have a chance go take a look. To eliminate size issues I made a deal with the club that the day we have the raffles I would wear the shirts, I wonder what my boss will think?

Item Five:  Whovian Art Print

IMG_0318 (2)

–     This is an exclusive print for Nerd Block subscribers.  Most of the prints are in blue but they included a few highly limited special editions in green for a few lucky recipients.  We received the green, this is going to be a great raffle!!

Value:  It is very hard to do a cost break down of these items due to their limited and exclusive nature, but it is very apparent that the items cost more than what you pay for the box.  I am very impressed this month with Nerd Block.


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