Love with Food “Saturday in the Park” June 2015 Tasting Box Review and New Lower Prices

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Love with Food
Cost:  $9.99/Tasting or $19.95/ Deluxe or $24.99/Gluten Free
Ships to US and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.
Coupon: Click Here to receive 40% off your first box

IMG_0284 (2)
First Look. The box was in great condition, no visible dents.

–     Love with Food offers subscribers several different type of snack lover boxes including Gluten Free and Deluxe. The monthly Tasting Box offers subscribers 6-8 healthy snacks.  Qualitytimes7 subscribes and pays for the Tasting Box.  One of the best parts of this subscription is that with each box purchased Love with Food gives a meal to a charitable organization.  They also keep you up to date as to where they are donating.

–     The June Saturday in the Park Tasting Box included:

IMG_0289 (2)

Item One:  Fruit Strips by Sunrype
Item Two:  Classic Iced Tea Candy by Bali’s Best

IMG_0291 (2)–     As soon as I snapped this shot, A grabbed for the fruit strips.  I watched as he tried to shove the whole strip in his mouth.  He really enjoyed it a lot, and I liked the fact that it contained no added sugar.  They are also vegan and gluten-free.  I just may  purchase a box of these for their snack bin

–  I don’t eat a lot of candy but I did try Bali’s Best.  It is pretty cool to add iced tea candy to a box this time of year, and they truly taste like sweetened iced tea.

Item Three: Brownie Brittle

IMG_0295 (2)

–     I had never heard of Brownie Brittle and this was a bit of a surprise.  I liked this enough but it is not something I would run out and get.  I think if it was in their salted caramel flavor I would have liked it a lot more, the texture was light and crispy.

Item Four: Kutua Cherry Cashew Bar
Item Five:  Rosemary Croccantini by La Panzella

IMG_0298 (2)–     After A gobbled up the stripes he was still hungry.  I tried to feed him the Cherry Cashew Bar but he did not like it much.  Cashew is one of my favorite in-food items so I did enjoy like the bar quite a bit.

–     I have yet to try the Rosemary Croccantini but I love everything rosemary so this should be a hit.  I am just trying to figure out what to pair it with.

Item Six:  Crazy Hot PopChipsIMG_0302 (2)

–     I have received PopChips in numerous boxes and my favorite is the BBQ.  The crazy hot is really good but I need to be in the mood for hot.

Item Seven: Emily’s Northwest Trail Mix
Item Eight:Everything Bar by Sheffa

IMG_0301 (2)

–     Emily’s Northwest Trail Mix is a perfect take and go snack.  It is gluten free, vegan and has a combo of protein-packed nuts and vitamin filled fruit.

–     Sheffa’s Everything Savory Bar is a very healthy way to snack.  I just took a little taste.  It tastes a bit like onion with seeds and I appreciate that it is Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan.

Value:  When you consider how healthy these snacks, eight items for $9.99 is quite a steal.  What won me over the most with this subscription is that they are charitable and give one meal per box to charity.  They are open about which charity they give to each month.  I was surprised to receive an email last week saying that they are lowering the price for all subscribers each month but keeping the boxes exactly as they are, that is honestly a first for me.


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