Friday Review

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Every Friday I try to share the memorable moments of the last week.

–     My four-year-old B has found you tube this week, and the result is not pretty.  I spent several hours last night watching Super Giant Egg opening videos.  In typical fashion at around four in the morning, I began to plot how I am going to create one for her birthday.  I cannot believe how many gifts they can get in these eggs.

–     While everyone I know is all about Orange is the New Black, I am trying to squeeze in time to watch Netflix’s new series Between and Sense 8.  Is it just me or is it hard to see Jennette McCurdy and not think of ¡Carly.

–       It has been a busy week for this blog.  Yesterday I created our first Facebook page because I have some upcoming giveaways, and I wanted to announce them to as many people as possible. I also connected with Blog Lovin and I am learning the ropes over there. Hopefully we will see a widget on this page in the near future.  I am not looking forward to setting up a Twitter and Tumbler account, not because there is anything wrong with those sites, but rather I am feeling my age.  It seems like every time I look something new pops up, snap chat anyone?

–     Busy is how I live, even when I try not to, and that is why I need to desperately stay organized.  I finally gave in and purchased an Erin Condren Planner and multiple accessories this week.  My husband and I are setting up an office this year and I have all of these ideas that I need to put down in writing.  I like that Erin offers snap on to-do lists, meal planning lists, budget lists and all sorts of extras.  She also offers teacher’s planners, and I was originally going to review one but they are currently sold out.  Is it weird I am a bit giddy over an organizer?

happy 4th of july i know its kinda late in the day over here on the ...
Photo Credit: Big Bears Wife

–     I am also plotting what I am going to make for our Fourth of July party. This Fourth of July punch is so easy to make.  I have my own version that was adapted from another blogger, Big Bears Wife.  If you are interested you can see her recipe HERE.   I think we are going to head down to the River to see the fireworks in the evening again this year, so I will make a fun lunch/dinner beforehand.

–     The rain has kept us in this week and several of my subscriptions are running late.  I am beginning to wonder if it is ever going to stop raining.  It is so unusual to have this much rain where I live, in fact we are usually praying for more.  Just a few hours up from my home there is terrible flooding.  Today is the first day that we may be able to get out and go swimming.  I swear we are all going a little stir crazy.

What would you like me to include in my first giveaway?  Are you going to check out those giant egg reviews?



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