Sunny Simple Sunday- Rainbow Bubble Sensory Bin

–     We were a bit messy on this rainy Sunday.  This is our Rainbow Bubble Sensory Bin.  So glad I put B in a bathing suit because she jumped in before I even was fully out the door. This project took about fifteen minutes to make and cost $2.99 (if you have dish soap and bin on hand). B’s face the whole time we were making the bubble foam was priceless.



For each color you will need:

4 tbsp of dish soap (24)
1/2 Cup of water (3 cups)
1 whole tube of washable paint color (6)


–     Put the ingredients in a mixer for 2-3 minutes until foamy them pour in bin. Rinse and repeat until all colors are made.

This was the recipe in half. It was so small I doubled the original recipe above and used the increased measurements for the rest of the bin.

–      I have seen several recipe variations but, I wanted to be as cost effective as possible.  I found these washable glitter paints at Michael’s for $2.99.  The bin was from Lowe’s and it is an under the bed bin.  At the time we originally purchased the bin it was $19.98.  I use this bin for all of our sensory projects.

B really had a blast and the clean up was so easy.

–     This was a fun first summer project.  We are going to complete our second project this week, homemade coffee-ginger soap for Father’s Day.

Happy Sunday!



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