Friday in Review “Slummy Mummy” Day

–     Today has been one of those day that you wish you could have a do over.  First the little ones were up most of the night.  I swear I am ready to hire a sleep specialist, yes they do exist.  Then A missed his first Speech Therapy intake because his appointment was at 7:30 this morning and he fell asleep finally at 5:00 AM.  To top it all off B was a complete wild child at Big Splash.  Not only does she keep insisting on bringing naked Barbie or Frozen characters to the pool, her mother (me), forgot her floaties and she kept trying to run into the wave pool by herself.  At one point she was fighting me so bad I started to fall out of my bathing suit and I swear I half mooned  the pool (slummy mummy).  This was just Friday.

Notice Anna goes everywhere….naked. I need to find some bathing suits for these dolls.

–      The rest of the week actually has been pretty fun for the most part.  I am working on some home projects and taking pictures to show you the before and after.  The transformations are pretty amazing.  I had an area off the kitchen that was housing about 300 cookbooks (I wrote reviews in a past life). It is quite the messy, disorganized. embarrassing area.   I went to target and started buying bins, and did a gradual move of the books.  It is coming along nicely and I am only two shelves into the project.

My ridiculous eyesore as we begin to de-clutter. We have already cleared out two shelves of books here.
Getting Better. Now I need to figure put what we are doing with the top two shelves. The yellow hanging organizer needs to go.  I also need to put the cabinets back on the bottom. I am considering leaving the top shelves open somehow but not quite sure yet what to do.

All bins from Target.

–     I have almost completed reviews for  Your Bijoux Box, Try the World, June Popsugar Must Have, Orange Glad, My Pretend Place, Ipsy and Montessori by Mom. Stay Tuned!



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