CAUSEBOX by Sevenly Full Summer Spoilers


CAUSEBOX (Summer 2015)
Cost:  $49.95 (For an annual subscription/quarterly boxes)
Shipping: US
Coupon:  N/A

Note:  Styles may vary, this is just an idea of what is coming.

–     Subscription Box, charities, an open your eyes documentary…what is not to love?  Full Spoilers Ahead.

Living on One Special Edition DVD $24.99
–     I think this is the product I can’t wait to get my hands on the most. The documentary looks amazing and they are only making 600 sets of this DVD.

Love for Humanity Face Cream (Retails $46.17 on Amazon)

Everly Powdered Drink Mixes Pomegranate

Everyly All Natural Hydrating Drink Mixes


Parker Clay Hairband Wrap ($16)

Image 1

Musana Bumba Necklace

–      This necklace is made from clay sourced an hour from their workshop.  The product benefits women in Uganda.


Parker Clay Upcycled Wrap Bracelet (Value $48)

Keep Cup To-Go Cup #urbanoutfitters

KeepCup 16Oz To-Go Cup

–     I am not sure what style subscribers will find in their boxes,  but I have received a glass Keep Cup in the past and love it.  I think the larger size is wonderful.

Sevenly Lemonade Print

–     This is a cute print in need of a frame. I love the way it was framed in the picture above and I think I may have a nice place this can go.

–    Overall I think this is a great box.  For me what is even greater is the charities they help.  This week they are sponsoring the Make a Wish Foundation and I think I am going to pick up this baseball tee.   I highly recommend you all check out their site.  I was completely blown away.

Wish Away Womens Baseball Tee
This week CauseBox is sponsoring the Make a Wish Foundation. They have adorable shirts on sale and each purchase sends $7.00 to the Make a Wish Foundation. This is my favorite.

Are you going to give CAUSEBOX a try?  Pretty Impressive isn’t it?

–    J


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