Thursday Thoughts: Saving the World One Child at a Time

My Pretend Place Super Hero Costume Box.

–     Today I am hooking up with Jen over at Subscription Box Ramblings for her Thursday Thoughts Edition.  If you are on my Facebook (which is set to private so many of you are not, but I will fill you in), I posted some very controversial posts this week and had a plethora of responses.    Because I teach Government I often stifle my opinions, but the Criminal Justice Professor and former attorney won out this week.  I had something I needed to get off my chest.

–     I believe as parents our children are our responsibility, and it is up to us to make sure that they contribute to society in a way that is beneficial.  My post was not in reference to what is happening with Texas and the officers there, it was just a general post that asserted my dissatisfaction with the media, specifically advocacy reporting where the reporter writes an article based on a specific political or personal stance.  Facts are often not important.

–      I was in the store the other night and I overheard a mother talking to her child about Ferguson and explaining that police cannot be trusted anymore.  She even called them a few expletives.  I walked out sick to my stomach.  Yes, there are bad police officers that are racist and use excessive force. Yes, our police force has become more militarized and that needs to change.  Yes, I have worked on many cases as a Criminal Defense Attorney where I felt that the police behaved badly.  I am not naive when it comes to the police force.  I also admit I have an inherent bias since I grew up around some of the best police officers out there. The problem I have is that some individuals are using this as a way to create drama and display a lack of respect towards law enforcement.  We are becoming a culture that feels individuals need to earn our respect before we give it.  I see that with young people today.

–     Today I write to all parents, all races, sizes, political affiliations and so much more.  Teach your children that what they do matters.  Not only to them but to those around them.  Guide them to be activists, respectful, and maybe they will help change the world.


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