Making Monday Marvelous

–     This week will be just a bit memorable because I am in the process or reorganizing my whole house.  I absolutely love being home with the kids during the summer, and it feels so great to get so much done.  I am working on several projects and will tell you about three today. The first of which is making our house more compatible with the Montessori Method.

–     We just created a snack bin for B.  I am trying to help her become a bit more autonomous since independence goes hand in hand with a Montessori education. The snack bin is all about choices.  B will get to choose her healthy snacks each day when she feels hungry. She was really excited to have her own bin and so far has made great decisions.

Helping Hands

–    The second project this week will be cleaning up the house and organizing our closets.  All of this will be enhanced by the Helping Hands Montessori by Mom kit featured above.   This week the kids will be working right along side me as I clean up.  B will learn to clean up her table mess, sweep up her crumbs and help set the table.  I will post a review when we are done.  If you are interested in Montessori by Mom, I found a coupon code SUNSHINE that will take off 5% of your order.

–    A special project for mom, putting up this jewelry hanger from  I love how it is high enough where little hands can’t reach.

–       The last very special project this week is a mother-son date night with my fourteen year-old J.  We are going to see a movie together and do a few of his favorite things.  I love that he doesn’t care if we go to the $1.00 theater. The little ones take a lot of my attention, so I really try to plan special times with my older sons.

Are you doing any spring cleaning?  What about special plans?



3 thoughts on “Making Monday Marvelous

  1. Great ideas! I used to do deep cleaning and organizing like this a lot when I was a stay-at-home mom. Now that I work fulltime and go to school fulltime, I feel like these things kind of hang over my head like I have something I need to be doing. 🙂 You may have just motivated me to make some time to do them this weekend. And I absolutely love the healthy snack bin for the kids- I’ll have to try that too! 🙂

    1. During the school year this is all but impossible for me to do. Especially with a 2 and 4 year-old so I can definitely relate. I am working on a big messy project right now. I will have to post when I get done. -J

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