Candy Club June 2015 Review and Saturday Steal


Candy Club
Cost:  27..99 plus $6.00 shipping/monthly or less with longer subscription
Shipping:  United States
Coupon: Click Here and type 20WONDER at checkout  to receive $20.00 off your first box through 6/8!

Exactly how box looked when opened.

–     Candy Club offers subscribers the best high end candy with lots of quality.  each month you typically receive three tins, a bunch of fun candy outside the tins and most months there is a bonus item.  I did not receive a bonus item, nor was my package insulated like I have seen in other reviews.  I am not sure why that was the case.  I did however receive a lot of Taffy, so I am thinking that may have been in lieu of the bonus item; believe me when I say I am not complaining because the salt water taffy was my favorite.


–     Candy Club sends an information card each month that gives you great information such as ingredients and nutritional value. The packaging is really cute and I received the box in great condition.  My only suggestion to Candy Club would be regarding their tins.  I wish they stacked up on top of each other to maximize cabinet space.

Items Included:

Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts

–     Sour Power has been around since 1985 and they do pack a sour punch.  I love sour candy but these were even too much for me.  My husband adores these pulls and ate the whole tin.


Gimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans

–     Jelly Beans are a weakness of mine that I can usually avoid until Easter.  Needless to say I could not help but eat some of these.  Gimbal’s is located in san Francisco and has been around since 1898!  There are 12 unique flavors in this tin and they make their jelly beans with real fruit.

Haribo Gummi Techno Bears

  This was definitely a new twist on classic Gummi Bears.  The flavors were cherry, sour raspberry and apple.  They were almost a metallic color and really cute.

Value:    The value of this subscription for me personally is how the candy enhanced our once a month movie night.  We watched Interstellar with the teens and Song of the Sea with the little ones.  This blog is about quality time and Candy Club really enhanced our time together with something out of the ordinary and cute.

–     Personally, out of the three choices I loved the Sweet’s Salt Water Taffy.  I believe my flavor was cotton candy and it was AMAZING!  High end Taffy can run close to twenty dollars so I know this was a good deal.  Out of the packages, I like the jelly beans beans but I am typically not a big candy eater.  My husband loved the Sour Power Cherry Belts and the little ones could not get enough of the Haribo Gummi Techno Bears.  Since the price is based on length of subscription, I can definitely see the value in a six or twelve month sub.  I was not planning on keeping this subscription (I received this box at a huge discount) but, I think I would like to repeat the movie night each month during the summer so I may keep this one and see how it goes.

What do you think?



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