FabKids June 2015 Girls Review

B modeling her new outfit. She really loves FabKids.

Disclosure: This post contains referral or affiliate links.

Cost: $29.95 per outfit/monthly
Shipping: US
Coupon:  Click HERE to receive your first outfit for $15.00, a 50% discount.  Upon acceptance, this will begin a monthly subscription and you must skip by the 5th of each month on your page to not be charged.  To cancel you must call FabKids.  I have done it in the past for another “Fab” subscription and it really was not a big deal.

–    Each month FabKids gives subscribers adorable outfit, shoe and accessory choices for either boys or girls.  You can see my April review by clicking HERE or past reviews by typing FabKids in my search bar.  Lately it seems this subscription just gets better and better.  I have been very happy with the girl selections over the last three months.    The boys selection seems a lot more limited than the girls. but I will most likely put up a boys review next month for a 2 and 9 year-old.  I do think the clothes are a bit pricey.  However I get pulled in by their cute and unique styles.  The girls outfits are just so much fun.  The quality is great and the clothing endures washing without fading and much shrinking.

–     I mentioned on Monday that I picked up this outfit for B over the weekend.  I cannot believe it is already here.  I actually do not need it until next week but I wanted to share.  We love it!

–     Each piece of clothing comes individually wrapped and shows the non VIP member price.

–     I really like that the outfit for the most part is wrinkle free after shipping (picture below).  The side studs on the peach capris really are a nice touch as well.

–    The best part, my smiling, happy model B.

Will you give FabKids a try?



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