QVC POPSUGAR MUST HAVE Limited Edition Box Review

QVC and POPSUGAR Must Have Box Collaboration
Cost:  $99.95 plus local tax (can break up into five payments)
Shipping:  UPS
Coupon: Box is now Sold Out

The Delivered Box (Outside) .  Above picture shows the large black box inside upon opening.

–     UPS delivered my box 3 days after purchase. Considering I purchased the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, I found the quick delivery impressive.

–     When you first open the box, there is lovely hot pink tissue paper with this “Enjoy!” sticker enclosure.  Little details like this always make me smile.

First Look.

–     I had a few holes in the tissue paper due to product corner impact, but that really is no big deal since all products were in working condition and looked fantastic.

Item One:  Halo Pocket Power 3000 in Blue Leather (1 Year LMW)

–    Out of every product in the spoilers, the Halo Pocket Power Charger was what I was anticipating the most.  I live in thunderstorm/tornado country and last summer we lost power for five days.  I knew then as I know now, how handy extra phone charges can be. I also need to compliment how sleek it looks.  Makes me feel a bit cooler.

Item Two:  15oz Hampton Candy Assorted Sampler

–     The infamous Hampton Candy Assorted Sampler that I spent so much time trying to find before this box came out.  The idea behind this box is to return to childhood and some of your favorite candy combinations.  My daughter was with me when I opened the box and instantly grabbed it and tried to open it.  B’s favorite was the gummy bears, of course.  I happened to be partial to Swedish fish.

Item Three:  Steel by Design Hoop Earring in Goldtone, Rosetone, or Silvertone

–     These earrings are pretty large and I received the silver tone.  They are well made and the pouch is really lovely too.  I just picked up a similar pair last weekend so I am a bit disappointed that I did not receive the gold or rose gold.  If anyone wants to switch just let me know.

0.27 fl oz Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For The Mascara

–     Peter Thomas Roth Mascara has a reputation for not only lengthening lashes while providing volume but also for softening.  I love that this is full size and I will save it for work in August or special occasions.

Tangle Teezer Brush in Pink

1.7 fl oz GlamGlow Mask

–     I was hoping with the above picture to show you how large these products are but my book is actually very large as well so I am not sure that this is a fair assessment.  I am in the process of organizing all my products, so this was a fun examination of how things can go on one of my dressers.  The Tangle Teezer will definitely be use in my house.  I have thick long hair that does tend to tangle.  You can use this on both wet and dry hair and it is great to pack since it is compact.  Update:  I did try this brush after my shower tonight and it does take out tangles.  However, you may not want to use it on young children unless you avoid their scalp.  It can feel very uncomfortable if you make contact with your head.

–     The GlamGlow was my second reason for purchasing this box.  It normally retails over eighty dollars with tax.  I cannot see paying that normally but it was great to get it in the box and pushed me towards purchasing.

4.2oz Drybar Triple Sec Hair Spray

–     I am not a big hair spray fan but this is a three-in-one formula and can be used as a dry shampoo or for texture.  I also appreciate that it is full size.

Foster Grant Aviator Sunglasses  (Estimated price $49 at Target)

–    I am not a big fan of these glasses.  They are very flimsy and are more fitted for smaller faces.  I do like the lens though and if I can get over not looking so hot, these would be great for when I take the kids to Big Splash.

Value:  I already know the value of this box is well over $100.00 because of the Glam Glow and Halo, which I love.  The candy and hair spray were a nice bonus and I also really love the Teezer Brush and mascara.  I would say this box is a win.  I really like QVC payment options as well.  I would definitely purchase another box if it is offered in the future.


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