Sunny Simple Sunday Life Letters 5/31/15

One of the many projects in the June Ivy Kids Kit. Pie not included.  (B’s first attempt at lattice crust).

Dear Readers:  You all rock! I am grateful for all that read my mommy-teacher ramblings.  I am by far not an expert in products or reviews, but I definitely do know what helps me as a busy parent. I am getting excited to see more Dads following this blog.  My husband stays home during the day with our kids (we work opposite schedules). My kid subscriptions are educational and help my husband plan out what to do with our little ones when I am not home.  Thanks to my subs, many of my weekends are filled with instant fun.  I love coming home from work and having ready made projects. Many evenings turn magical with arts, crafts, and lessons.  I do not post all of the subscriptions out there because there is only so much lip gloss and nail polish one needs but,  I do try to post a variation of subs that have helped my family, and have a good value.

Tell Your Story: Online Art Journal Class [Registration Now Open!]

Dear A Beautiful Mess Sisters:  Can I adopt you both?  You are just too cute and genuine. That being said I have a suggestion. I signed up for your Scrapbook in a Week Class and although interesting it was not quite what I expected. I have not done this in about twenty years and all of the items on the market have changed.  You need to treat people like me as dummy’s (oh how sad to admit that).  I also need to buy a lot more items to be able to scrapbook in a week, probably several hundred more.  Not quite what I expected.  I am going to do this anyways this summer as it is on my summer bucket list. Can you imagine the number of photos I have collected over 20 years?  I do love your Messy Box and site. I even just put in an order for your Happy Box which I think is obnoxiously cute. I especially love your Sister Style section and appreciate your candor and honesty.  I am dying to know what your tattoos say.  I keep trying to read them but have not been able to see the full effect.

Dear Mom:  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  We miss you already and will definitely try to come up in July. My mom really is quite incredible.

Dear Jake:  Freshman year accomplished.  As your second brother graduates, I cannot believe I only have three more years with you. Grateful that I get to be your teacher next year.

Dear me:  You will get into a bathing suit and take the kids swimming despite looking quite like a mother of six.  You have all summer to focus on your health…no just do it.  (sounds familiar).

Dear Husband:  You amaze me and give a whole new meaning to daddy’s girl. Our daughter adores the ground you walk on and so do I.  Thank you for the beautiful Chinese Forget Me Nots that you planted while I was away in China.  They are beautiful.  I will also say thank you from A and B for putting together and gluing their train set, and for cleaning B’s very messy kitchens. We love you.

Dear A and B:  How do you survive on the amount of sleep you actually get?  Every time I think we have a sleep schedule somewhat down you absolutely shock me.  Yesterday you were up all night and woke up at three in the afternoon.  Today you both woke up at ten in the morning.

Dear Weather:  It is okay, I know we beg for rain, you can stop now for a few weeks.

Dear Ivy Kids Kits:  Your June Box is so much fun!

Here is to a great week for all!



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