Friday Reflection 5/29/15

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.

–     Graduation!  My students graduated last night and summer vacation has begun…almost.  I will be working through this Monday.  Today I graded papers, scrubbed down my classroom, reorganized the cabinets, took an inventory, cleaned the coffee maker and so much more.  Sometimes I think being a teacher is very much like being a mom, except you have 300 kids and relationships with about 50 adults.  Despite High School chaos, I renewed my teachers license today. 

They look so young and innocent as they get ready to enter the world. Four of my favorites!

–    The weather here is still going CRAZY.  We have been in flood warnings for about two weeks.  Today is especially bad.  We always want rain down south, now we want it to stop.  On a happy note, it is great taking the kids out to feel the raindrops.  My two-year-old just loves sitting under our porch grabbing the rain.

–     I finally broke down and bought a high-end Digital Camera today. QVC actually dragged me in as I purchased the QVC POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BOX.  Yes, I caved and bought it, review coming shortly.   I begin Digital Photography classes on Monday, don’t worry I plan to tell you all about them.  Right now I just use my Droid, which I am getting ready to replace this month also.  I cannot wait to learn what I can do with maximum zoom and an interchangeable lens!

–     I am already counting down the days until my Italy/Greece trip in March.  Hopefully I will take amazing pictures.

–     Speaking about photographs, I will have plenty to work with in June.  I have so many new boxes coming this month.  I figured the summer would be the best time to work on reviews.  Here are a few:  MSA/Kloverleaf, Orange Glad, Try the World, My Pretend Place Dress Up, My Pretend Place Crafts, QVC POPSUGAR and Tinker Crate.

–     Is it weird that I am as excited as my little ones that we are getting Big Splash summer passes?  I love the wave pool and the kiddie section is so adorable.  My little ones have a great time.

–     Speaking of the little ones, A and B are both sick.  They are just coughing a lot and ran fevers for about two days.  I am hoping this virus will move quick (not to mention hoping the rain will go away soon as well), we have swimming to do.

–     Right now I am reading The Hope and it’s sequel The Glory by Herman Wouk.  You may remember him as the Pulitzer Prize winner for War and Remembrance.  The Hope just drew me in right away.  I am getting ready to start teaching AP Comparative Government and our first unit is on the Middle East.  We are reading these over the summer and having a discussion when we get back in the Fall.

Here is a synopsis:

Like no other novelist at work today, Herman Wouk has managed to capture the sweep of history in novels rich in character and alive with drama. In The Hope, which opens in 1948 and culminates in the miraculous triumph of 1967s Six-Day War, Wouk plunges the reader into the story of a nation struggling for its birth and then its survival. As the tale resumes in The Glory, Wouk portrays the young nation once again pushed to the brink of annihilation and sets the stage for todays ongoing struggle for peace. Taking us from the Sinai to the Jerusalem, from dust-choking battles to the Entebbe raid, from Camp David to the inner lives of such historical figures as Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, and Anwar Sadat, these extraordinary novels have the authenticity and authority of Wouks finest fiction and together strike a resounding chord of hope for all humanity. The first trade paperback editions of The Winds of War and War and Remembrance, Wouks epic novels of World War II, were recently released by Back Bay Books.

–     I still plan to read a lot of fun books as well, will keep you all posted.

–  J


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