Making Monday Marvelous Memorial Day Celebration

–     I felt like today was not the day to start with a confetti streaming Monday picture, but rather a very powerful quote from Abraham Lincoln.  I studied Military Science in college and graduated from their Army ROTC program. I was in OKC for the Oklahoma City Bombing and watched my ROTC brothers and sisters get called into duty to clean up the wreckage; if you could have seen their faces, exhausted, horrified. This year was the 20th anniversary of the bombing and I was able to reconnect with some.  I have lost friends in the Middle East and had family members battle the effects of PTSD post tour.  I watched many others get teary eyed as they leave their families for up to a year of duty and my heart goes out tot their little ones who don’t always understand.  Today is an important day.  You don’t have to agree with what our military does, you can want peace, not war, but you must appreciate the sacrifices that men and women in the service make every day to protect your National Security.  Happy Memorial Day!  Remember to respect the moment of silence at 3:00pm today.



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