Fabletics for Men May 2015 Review

FL2: Fabletics for Men Subscription Coming Soon
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$49.95/monthly (50%0ff first month)
Shipping:  US, APO/FPO and PO Boxes
Coupon:  Receive your first months outfit for $25 (50% off) by clicking Here, no coupon code needed.  This will start a subscription.  You will need to “skip” your month at the start of the month to not be charged, or cancel your subscription before the next month if you are not happy.

Fabletics for Men- qualitytimes7.com

–     FL2 is a new mens athletic wear subscription.  Each month you will receive a full outfit of your choice.   With the introductory coupon, I thought this would be a fantastic early gift for Father’s Day. We chose the McKinley style because we thought it would be a good fit for my husband’s body type.  I had a hard time deciding between the blue and gray since both are attractive.  I figure I will get a blue outfit next month.

McKinley Style: Shirt is 64% Nylon/36% Polyester. Pants 86% PET/14% Spandex

–     I have tried Fabletics for Women (they also offer your first outfit for $25.00 if you click HERE) in the past and I am really impressed with the quality of their active wear.  They are breathable and look great.  I was really pleased that my husband’s outfit took only a few days to arrive.

My husband modeling his outfit. It is rainy so my lighting is a bit off. Will try to post some pictures later.

–     My husband loved his outfit and it fit great.  He has a very muscular build and  is modeling a size Large.  He is also 5’11 and it fit wonderfully.

Shorts and Shirt close up.

Value:     This outfit retails on the Fabletic site for $104.90.  The prices could be a bit inflated but I am not so sure since this is great quality. The outfit also included a sample of Dove Deodorant which I snatched from my husband.  I purchased this outfit for $25.00 using their coupon code.  If you have a man in your life that you love and that loves to works out, or needs to 🙂  this may be a great motivator.

Note:  I realized after writing this review that if you purchase this at the end of May, the new billing cycle begins June 1st.  You will need to be careful if you do not want to be charged for the June outfit.  Hopefully you will want to continue, but if you do not, make sure to skip or cancel in time.  You can go HERE to look at their frequently asked questions page (just click on the HELP and Contact link on the top right).  I know you can call Fabletics directly for any changes as I have done in the past.  I do feel like they put a bit of pressure on you to stay, but I don’t take it too personally. I also subscribe to Fabkids each month and we have been very very pleased.  You can see a Fabkids review HERE.



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