Sunny Simple Sunday Life Letters 5/24/25

Dear Kev:  I could not be more proud of the young man you have become!  I cried at your graduation because it hit me as I posted your pictures how absolutely empty the house will feel without your presence.  I love you.  PS:  Did you have to wait until graduation night to get a haircut? Was the protest worth it,  Really?  Teens!

Dear Mom: Thank you for all you do, always.  You are my sound board that keeps me going in this crazy life.  I know you are not a fan of this picture but I think you look gorgeous.

Grandma C and the Kev Man

Dear A and B:  Your dad must really love you both because every night for the last several months he sleeps either on the couch or on B’s Princess bed while you both hijack our bed.  Also, A…how do your feet keep getting so dirty?

Dear Husband:  We have had a couple of rough weeks with A’s diagnosis and just the sick kids and lack of sleep.  We are pretty lucky, we make one heck of a team.  A will be okay with our help.  Love you.

Dear Kate and Ky:  You have no idea how much it means to me that you came home to support your brother.  My hope is that you will always be there for one another no matter how old you get.  I am so proud and you all continually remind me what life is truly about.  I love my crew.

It is so hard to get a pic of my kiddos all together. I am missing Ayden.

Dear the Duggers from 19 and Counting:  I don’t agree with a lot of your views but I know that you are absolutely entitled to your own religion and beliefs, as I am entitled to mine.  As for what is happening with your older son, I am kind of sickened; just not for the reasons you would think.  I was a child advocate for eight years in NY.  I know how often young adults make mistakes and yes this was a big one.  I absolutely do not condone sexual abuse of any sort  but I also know how few like your son own up to what they have done and get help.  Our society has become quick to point fingers and seems to be moving away from rehabilitation and forgiveness.  Your son appears to be doing a great job raising his little ones and has a beautiful wife who I believe must be pretty incredible all around.  I am a little angry that TLC cancelled your show instead of letting you guys have open discourse.  Sometimes I think the world needs to learn how to communicate so much better, it would solve a lot of problems.  All of this being said, I do wish you all would back off the LGBTQ community, they are entitled to families and love too.

Dear my Pampered Chef Friend Teri:  You are wonderful!  I cannot wait to come over today and make more freezer meals.  We are making 30 dinners tonight!  My month has just become so much easier.  I will post some pictures later.

Jerk Chicken Pizza…Dinner Night One. One of the things I love most about Freezer Meals is that I get to pick my own ingredients. I went with Gluten Free/Sugar Free pizza crust and organic items. Soooooooo good!

Dear my wonderful readers:  This is my last week of work for the summer.  My reviews should become more frequent for the next few months.  I have some great new boxes coming and I am getting ready to take some photography classes over the summer.  I need to learn how to work a better camera and deal with lighting issues.  I hope these reviews just get better and betters.

Here is hoping you all have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!



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