Week in Review

–    Three day weekend is almost here and is much needed!  Busy does not even begin to cover this week.  It was our last full week of school and yesterday we had Field Day and our annual International Potluck.  I make Pina Coladas every year for the students and faculty and they empty out within the first five minutes.  This year I made two punch bowls since my son is at my school now, and sang If you Like Pina Coladas all afternoon.

–     Yesterday,  I took my oldest daughter to Pinot’s Pallette to celebrate her birthday.  We had a great time painting grumpy cat.  My daughter refused to make her cat grumpy and I have to say she did a great job.  I really want to be a painter but I am not good at it, not at all.  That did not stop me from having a great time.

–    Mom gets in tonight, my mom.  My son is graduating tomorrow so it is time to have a party.  Everything always seems better when she is around.  I hate that my parents live so far away.

–     Limited Edition Subscription Box.  I do not subscribe to Yogi Suprise.  Thanks to MSA and Suburban Ramblings, I kind of monitor which subscriptions are worth purchasing because I am really careful with my money.  I like Yogi Surprise a lot, but I am especially in love with their Nepal Box below.  All proceeds are going to help those in Nepal that were impacted by earthquakes. Each item is made in Nepal and guarantees six items. You are not receiving the items that are pictured below ,but I would purchase this box with the understanding that is for a great cause.

Nepal Yogi Surprise Box

Yogi Surprise- $49.99 Limited Edition

–    Here is hoping you all had a great week!


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