BoCandy May 2015 Review

Disclosure:  This box was sent to us for review purposes.  However all opinions are my own and no money has been exchanged for this review.  I would also like to note that I have subscribed and gifted this box in the past.

Cost:  $15.00 Monthly or less for longer subscription
Shipping: US
Coupon:  This is a good one!  Get a free box when you subscribe.  Remember this will start a subscription and you will need to cancel.

Item One:  Strawberry and Cream Oreo Chocolate Bar (Japan)

–    You cannot find these bars for sale in the United States and after tasting one I am a bit disappointed.  I was expecting a creamy center but it is more chocolate with a creamy taste and strawberry bites.

Item Two:  Green Tea Kit Kat Bars by Nestle (Japan)

–     These are fantastic!  Green Tea and Kit Kats don’t sound like two things that would go together but they really do.  My 2 year-old barely let me have a taste, he loved these.

Item Three:  Dip and Dab by Candy Land (Britain)

–     My only issue with the box was with the dip dab.  During shipping the sucker must have punctured a whole in the wrapper.  I had a bit of powder over my items and then realized it was from this item.  I did not try this since it was open.  I have received boxes in the past and have never had an issue with an item.

Item Four:  Kanjers Stroopwafel (Holland)


–     Where have these been my whole life?  It is hard to believe but this was the first time I tried one of these waffles even though they are sent out in many subscription boxes.  As summer approaches, Blake explains that BoCandy is looking for more and more items like this that do well in the heat.  The Dutch either eat these cold (like I did) or heat up a cup of coffee and place one of these cookies on top of the brim of the cup so the steam seeps through the cookie and then melts the caramel/butter inside. The newly melted middle then seeps down into the coffee, both sweetening the cookie and the drink!  I liked these so much that I went over to Amazon to purchase some more.


Item Five:  Twiglets by Jacobs (England)

–     Wow!  These are definitely interesting in shape, texture and taste.  They absolutely look like twigs.  I offered one to my husband and he said it looked like a tree branch, then I showed him the name and we had a chuckle.  There was a strange after taste like smoke on the barbecue.  I ate them all though and I think I am leaning towards really liking these.

Item Six:  Fruit Gums by Rowntrees (England)

–     The Rowntrees Fruit Gums are all natural, chewy fruit gummies.  BoCandy sent out the sour version of these a few months ago but it was nice to give the regular version a try.  My little ones loved these.  I tried a few flavors as well and the taste was different in a good way.

Item Seven:  Milkshake Candy by Milkita (Indonesia)

–     I think these little hard candies are one of my favorite items in the box.  The taste fantastic, like little fruit smoothies.  The melon was not too overpowering, they just tasted really creamy.

Value:  Considering you are receiving items from various countries I think the value is pretty good.  I cannot do an actual breakdown but if you break up each piece, you are receiving ten items for fifteen dollars or less.  I also love that Blake offers a free box to all first subscribers.  Head on over and give BoCandy a try, you won’t be disappointed.



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