Making Monday marvelous 5/18/15

–     Today was one of those days, really happy and really busy.  First the happy.  It is my daughter Kaitlyn’s birthday.  I cannot believe 23 years have flown by and today I have a gorgeous, smart, kind-hearted daughter that I love with all of my heart.  I still remember bringing a seven pound baby home and being petrified to give her a bath because she was slippery. Somehow she survived my bath fears and being my oldest.  Katie grew up with me, since I began my family so young. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  She gave me purpose and meaning. I hope I gave her strength, love and taught her a thing or two.  I always strove to be so much more so I could give her a good life.  I know I was not a perfect parent and she knows she was not always a perfect daughter, but I think we both know that is what makes a mother-daughter relationship so grand;  one happy roller coaster ride.   Seeing her this week is going to make it simply marvelous.

How do these years fly by! High School.  She is the one in the front row middle with the beautiful smile.
After 18 years and four brothers later, she finally gets a baby sister!

–  Now for the busy…last full week of school.  All of you educators know exactly what I am talking about.  Feeling drained and desperately needing a break.  I also desperately need some time to get back to the gym 🙂

–     If you are an educator and getting a bit tired (especially us frazzled parents).  I found a great article today by another blogger and it really made me smile.


Here is hoping for a great week for all.



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