Kiwi Crate May 2015 “Interesting Insects” Review

Kiwi Crate
Cost: $19.99 monthly
Shipping:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  Click Here for 50% off your first month using my referral link.  The discount is automatic after clicking, bringing your crate down to $10.00 for the first month.  This will start a subscription so you will need to cancel if you wish to discontinue.  You can also pause in your account settings.

–     Every month around the 15th my daughter’s eyes light up with excitement.  She knows the green crate that has just arrived in the mail is something special just for her, and she and mom are about to have some fun.  Kiwi Crate is a once a month subscription service for kids ages 3-7 that provides themed arts and craft with a strong education experience.  Kiwi offers many boxes for different ages and my referral link above works for every one of them.  My daughter B has been working on Kiwi Crates for about two years now and she adores them.  We have also been using Koala Crate which is specifically aimed for 3 and 4-year-olds.  You can see a Koala Crate Review HERE or another Kiwi Crate Review HERE.  You can also search through all of my Kiwi or Koala Crate Reviews by using the above search bar.

Project One:  My Bug Tic-Tac-Toe

–     My bug tic-tac-toe instructed users to model the clay into lady bugs and bumble bees. One great feature of Kiwi is the picture direction books that walk users step by step through each project. At first glance I was really excited about this project and as soon as B saw the clay she was going crazy to use it.  That was the biggest problem, B did not want to make bugs she wanted to do her own thing with the clay.  I gave her a piece and took out her play doh so she could do what she wanted with the play doh  while I sculpted all of the bugs.  It took a bit of time.  She did put on the eyes and stickers but this was BIG on the parent involvement.  Not all projects are this way though, as you will see with the next project.  My daughter was very proud of her/moms bugs in the end.  They did come out pretty cute.  I appreciated that Kiwi also included paper bugs (the butterflies and caterpillars pictured above) to use instead of your clay bugs.

Our finished “bugs” Tic-Tac-Toe board

Project Two:  My Dragonflyers

–    This project was a little easier on the parent assistance scale.  The best feature was the color changing markers.  At first we could not understand why the marker caps differed in color from the marker body.  I actually wondered if Kiwi was trying to get rid of mixed match markers (sorry Kiwi).  Once I flipped the marker package over and read the title of the markers, it all made sense.  We had so much fun using the white marker to change and smear the colors so the dragonfly wings looked a bit like stained glass.

–    B had no problem coloring with her marker, although she does have a hard time staying focused.  We always do it together.  Parents will have to assemble the final product for younger kids.  Our biggest concern was B could not fly this on her own.  She just was not strong enough to pump the green container hard enough.  The white plug that fits into the container did not seem tight enough and it was really hit or miss with this project.  We still had a great time completing it together.

–   I truly think that Kiwi Crate is a great way each month to have fun and instant projects to complete with your kids.  I keep thinking of all the single parents that work and really have little time on the weekends to do fun things with their kids, or not single parents who are just so time crunched.  I love Kiwi because it save me time from having to purchase all the contents of crafts, it saves me money and honestly they are just so much more creative than I am.

–   Each month subscribers also receive Explore magazine which includes activities and another art project.

–    B’s favorite part is the sticker on the back of the explanation page.  Every month she wears that badge with pride.

–    If you are interested in joining the Kiwi Crate family you can use my link to receive your first crate for only $10.  That is half of what a normal month costs. This will start a subscription but my guess is you will love their crates and want to keep going.  If not you can pause or cancel your subscription in your account settings.  I have paused some months in the past without any problems.



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