Sunny Simple Sundays

–     Only one full week left of teaching before Summer Break!  The students are ready and so I am.  This week is going to be busy for our family; all of my kids are coming into town to celebrate my third oldest and his graduation from High School. His brother just graduated last year and it feels like they are just all leaving.  I am excited for him though.  He will be studying business and economics next year.  My mother is also flying in from New York and I cannot wait!  Funny story, I was going to get him a cake like his brother’s below but he told me he does not like cake and wants graduation chocolate silk pies. This is so going to happen.

–     My oldest has a birthday tomorrow!  She does not get in until Tuesday but we are going to go to Pinot’s Palette and paint away on Thursday.  It has become a tradition that we go paint a picture on her birthday since she moved out of state.  Last year we painted “Starry Night”, this year we are painting “Cattitude.”Her nickname is Kat and I thought this would be cute to paint.


Our Starry Night Paintings.

–     The weather has been very rainy with several tornadoes in the area.  My 4-year-old B is now afraid of the tornado siren which once again went off yesterday.  When it was over she kept saying we kicked the tornadoes butt with her victory arms.  I hope this is not too traumatizing for little ones.

–     My very small wallet is seriously in danger of getting smaller.  I have been scouring new subscriptions far and wide and have found several I want to introduce in the “What’s New Wednesday” edition.  Some of these have been going for a bit, but since they are new to me I can’t wait to share over the summer.  I have several more reviews coming your way including May Kiwi Crate, Ivy Kids Kit, Your Bijoux Box, BoCandy and a few others.

Our Kiwi Crate Bug Tic Tac Toe (May 2015)

–     One of the best parts of May is the Farmer’s Market and Berry Picking.    I love supporting locally grown produce and farms.  The food always tastes fresher and you can find a lot of organic and Non-GMO.  The last weekend of May I plan to take the kids and pick enough Berries to make jam and pies for the summer.  It gets really hot here after May so the timing should be good.

Here is to a great week and Sunny Simple Sundays (even if it is raining again).


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