Citrus Lane May 2015 2-Year-Old Boys Box Review

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.

Citrus Lane
Cost:  $29 monthly/less with longer subscription
Shipping:  Contiguous 48 States
Coupon: Citrus Lane is offering 50% your first box (this is more than the usual 40% with invite) by using code CITRUSFF. 

–     Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that is age appropriate based on your input and offers fun and educational toys for you and your little one.  This subscription also makes a fantastic gift for an expecting couple.  I recently gave a box to my cousin for the birth of her new baby girl and she loved it!  Qualitytimes7 pays for this subscription and my son absolutely loves it.  You can see past Citrus Lane Reviews by clicking HERE for another boys review or HERE for a Girls Mystery Box Review.  You can also see all of my reviews by typing Citrus Lane in the search bar to your top right.

–     This is the usual packing for Citrus Lane, I have received numerous packages from them and I have never had an issue with any product; I can’t help but find that impressive.

May Box Contents

–     I cannot begin to even tell you all how happy I was to see a Tea Collection item in this box, along with a 20% off coupon through July.  I already went to their site and picked out several items for B.  We have received items from their collection before and I have purchased several.  They offer high quality and unique style children’s outfits.  They can be a bit pricey without the coupon so I wait until I have on to purchase.

Item One:  Cotton Summer Essential from Tea Collection ($26.50)

Photo credit : Nordstrom

–     I was able to find the style t-shirt we received after doing a pretty thorough search.  Nordstrom was the only place I could find a price but their sizes were only through 24 months.  My t-shirt is a size 4T and feels so very soft.  Just this shirt covers what I pay for the box and it is something we will definitely wear.

Item Two:  Goodbyn Portions to Go (7.99)

–     I had to guess on a price for this style of Goodbyn.  The Heroes seem to be what everyone is selling now.  Goodbyn Portions to Go is smaller than the Hero but it still can cover a lunch nicely.  The top containers fit into the bottom for easier storage.  I recently received a Pink Hero in one of my daughter’s Mystery Boxes so I am excited that we now have two.  We are getting ready to decorate this one for my son with Goodbyn Dishwasher Safe Stickers.

Item Three:  Sand Toys from Hape ($7.62/

Details about Hape Sand Toys - Master Bricklayer Set Sand Pit Or Beach ...

–     Perfect timing!  We are just getting sand next weekend for our Step Two Crab Sand Box.  These Sand Toys will be a nice addition.

Item Four:  Sunscreen Bands from Sunburn Alert (Set of Five $3.50)

–     I am constantly amazed by how many new products there are for kids.  We did not have anything even close to what kids have today.  My 22-year-old did not have even half of what is now offered for my little one.  I am really excited to give these a try.  We buy summer passes to Big Splash and these will come in handy when we are at the water park.

Value:  The May Boys Box has a value of over $45.00.  I really do get a great value since I wait until year subscriptions go on sale.  Even if I did not, this still is way over the $29 monthly value and I love the range of products and the fact that Citrus Lane keeps adding things I would not even know existed.  I am very very happy with this months box.

What do you think of Citrus Lane?  Remember you can get 50% your first box by clicking this link and putting in Coupon Code CITRUSFF at checkout.


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