Making Monday marvelous 5/11/15 (Messy Box Spoilers)

–    Good Morning!  It feels so good to be writing again.  I hope everyone had a spectacular Mother’s Day, I had a great one, actually a great week of gifts and love from my kiddos and husband.  The last few weeks have been extraordinarily difficult for my family.  We received some troubling news that I am still dealing with, so not quite ready to share just yet. I have also been sick for about three weeks.  I missed a few days of work and the whole family seems to have been hit hard.   On Saturday I finally went down to Urgent Care.  My virus from a few weeks ago had turned into sinusitis and it just kept going to bronchitis.  I am finally on an antibiotic so things should get back to business as usual.  I cannot believe how hard it is to hold down the fort when mom gets sick.  If you have any tips please let me know.

–     I am beyond grateful for the freezer meals I made the other week.  That would be my tip for holding down the fort with any crisis.  I plan on making a lot more in the future.  They definitely made dinners easier while I was out of it, and they were very delicious. My favorite so far was the Shrimp Primavera with Broccoli and Noodles.

Picture 1 of May 2015 Messy Box
May Messy Box Spoilers

–    This week I have PopSugar, MessyBox, Citrus Lane Boys, Your Bijoux Box and hopefully a few more subscriptions to share.  I also have found an amazing B and B Creme that I will share tomorrow. For now, Messy Box has become a fast favorite.  I have enjoyed looking over their blog and seeing all their different scrap-booking ideas.  So far I have two different albums; one for 2015 and another for travel.

What is new in your life?  Have you found any amazing parenting finds?



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