Sunny Simple Sundays

–     It is quite nice to write this post today, since it is actually true that it is sunny and beautiful outside.  It was a rough week as I picked up a virus and was down for several days.  I actually slept almost 48 hours straight as I tried my hardest to get over it quickly.  I am happy to say we are now sickness free in our household.

–    Talk about loving simplicity.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending my first Freezer Meal Workshop with some lovely ladies.  We made 10 meals, 60 servings, in two hours.  The time just flew by.  I am trying to make things a bit easier when I get home from work.  These meals are nutritious and can be put in your crock pot.  I worked with a Pampered Chef group, but I know that there are plenty of freezer meal ideas on Pinterest. My husband and I are looking forward to attending a workshop together next time.  If we both go we can do two different menus and have meals for the work month.

–     I did finally pick up a Deluxe tote from Thrity-One on clearance for $16.99.  So much better than the $50 price tag on Ebay or Amazon.  I plan to cart around my groceries and freezer meals in this Bold Bloom tote.

–    My son Kev graduates from High School in twenty days.  He is my third child to fly off, and when people say time flies, everyone should take is seriously.  I am so very proud of the young man he has become.  My house will be full of people from the 19th on, it will be interesting and fun. I will have all seven kids under one roof and can’t wait for everyone to be together.   I am planning a trip to a blueberry farm with the kids, hoping we can gather enough to make blueberry pies while we have guests.

Here is Sunny Simple Sunday in the springtime.

—  J


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