Suggestions Saturday

–     If you read yesterdays post, you saw that I was struggling with where to go on an “Adult” date.  I had initially wanted to see Phantom of the Opera, but the Saturday at 8 PM was almost sold out, and there were not seats together.  Last night I went back to site and noticed there was a Saturday showing at 2 PM.  There were barely any seats left, but I was able to land two amazing seats where we could sit by each other.

The Opera House Special (Champagne, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry and Vodka) with Keepsake Reusable Glass

–     I was so impressed with the Cast.  I felt like this was a flawless performance.  The voices were unbelievable. The Performing Arts Center now offers drinks that you can take in with you.  You must purchase one of their glass cups with a lid but, you can bring them back whenever you come.  R and I always talk about getting season tickets to the Opera.  We have bought partial seasons in the past so we went ahead and sprung for a glass.

–     After dinner we finally were able to try the new Caribbean place that opened up Downtown.  I have been dying to get my hands on a genuine Cubano since we watched the Movie Chef (Chef is available on Netflix and it is cute a movie guys like).

Slam Berry Drink Special
Jerk Chicken Wing Appetizer
The Cuban Sandwich

–  My date suggestion is Phantom if you can, the film Chef and a good Cuban Sandwich if that is available.

What are some of your favorite date nights?  Suggestions?



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