Raw Spice April 2015 Tokyo, Japan Review

Raw Spice Bar
Cost:  $6 monthly or less with longer subscription
Shipping:  US and Canada
Coupon:  N/A

–     Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription that collaborates with chefs and sends 3-4 hand picked freshly ground spice blends along with recipe cards.  The April envelope included  spices from Tokyo, Japan.

–     Each month you receive an adorable envelope filled with spice packs, an explanation card, recipes and ingredient lists.  I also love that Raw Spice Bar has a blog where they show photos of the meals and if you lose anything, they have uploaded it to their site.

April Spice Packets.

Recipe One:  Schichimi Togarashi Grilled Pork Tenderloin

–     According to RSB, schichimi is one of Japan’s most popular spice blends.  In this recipe it is used as a marinade, creating spicy, citrusy, peppery flavors and glaze that pairs perfectly with grilled pork tenderloin. This spice blend was thought to have originated in Japanese apothecaries in the 1600’s when chiles were first introduced in Japan- primarily as a healing property.

–     Our local grocer did not stock mirin so we had to improvise a bit but it still came out delicious. The tenderloin took me back to my grandmothers cooking.  She used to marinade her tenderloin for days, and now I really understand why.  This recipe did take two days, so make sure you look at the steps before you begin.  It was well worth the wait.

We marinaded the tenderloin overnight after trimming the fat. It came out so good.

Recipe Two:  Spicy Gomasio and Avocado Soba Noodles

–    Raw Spice Bar explains that:

Throughout Japanese culture, soba has been regarded as a frugal but special meal. Historically, people ate Soba noodles at the end of each month, called Misoka-soba, to celebrate another month of working hard and having good health. Soba noodles, made of buckwheat flour, are produced including the skin of the grain, so that the flour takes on a unique flavor and turns a grayish color.

     We used wheat Soba noodles because that was all that was in stock, but they still came out great.  I really liked the texture of the noodles combined with the crunch of the vegetables.  Add the spice to the advocado and you have something really special and healthy.

Prep for this was much easier. I really loved how there were plenty of veggies. The avocado with a bit of spices was amazingly good.

Recipe Three:  Matcha and Chai Mochi

Image Courtesy of Raw Spice Bar.

–     I have not yet had the chance to make this Mochi, but I plan to this weekend.  Matcha is a  ground Japanese green tea and this particular packet is blended with freshly ground chia seeds.  Mochi is made from glutinous rice by pounding steamed rice into dough in order to create a more dense version of rice.

–    I subscribed to Raw Spice Bar for six months originally but my husband and I probably will be life long subscribers if they keep sending such creative recipes and high quality ingredients. I really enjoy that they give us full meals and it is always so much fun learning and tasting new recipes.  We are going to make the March lamb recipe this weekend and I will post it then.

Is this something you would try?



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