Bocandy April 2015 Review

**Apologies we are in the process of updating these pictures.

Cost:  $15.00 Monthly or less for longer subscription
Shipping: US
Coupon:  This is a good one!  Get a free box when you subscribe.  Remember this will start a subscription and you will need to cancel.

The April Box-as first opened
A look at the many types of candy/food offered.

–     Bocandy is a candy subscription that sends you the tried and true candies from around the world.  I have purchased this subscription for months as a gift, and now once again purchased to review here.

 Takis Fuego – Mexico
–      Takis are delicious little spiced tortilla chips that come in a small bag and have a taste reminiscent of the Southern Border. Accoring to Blake, the founder of Bocandy  “As summer approaches and it gets hotter, look for more snack type treats like this in your bocandy box- the more chocolatey stuff melt melts but these imported dry goods should keep you satisfied.”  I have had Takis before and I am not their biggest fan.  The heat and lime taste is just not something I like.  However, I did try these and was shocked to see how fresh they were compared to what I have picked up in stores in the past.  Blake gets some props for quality.

Assorted Dutch Hard Candies – Holland and Las Gran Sandias-Spain.
–     Hopjes and Anise and Wijnballen, oh my! Straight from the Netherlands, these little hard treats are flavored like candy, anise, and lemonade and raspberry wine, respectively.  My invisalign makes it hard for me to eat candy but, I could not help and try these items, very yummy.  The gummies,  translated into English are called “The Large Watermelon”. Taste them and you’ll see, they weren’t messing around when they called them that. They’re extra chewy and have enormous taste. I could not get the kids to eat these, the taste is different but I had no problem polishing off a few.

Candy Ramune – Japan
–     By far my favorite item in the box!  Based off a popular Japanese soft drink, Candy ramune are the candied version of the soda. Kind of like if Sprite made a treat, candy ramune are very popular all around the word, not only for their taste, but also for the cool packaging.  These reminded me of the sweet tart suckers I could find in grocery lines with a slightly different taste and the packaging really is cute.

A Chocolate or Taffy treat!
–    According to Blake: “This month was an especially popular one and we actually couldn’t find enough candy from our importers to send everyone the same thing! Don’t worry though, we made sure that each box was filled with what we call an “anchor” at Bocandy HQ. For some people, this was a full-size Fritt taffy block from Germany, for others a Giant Caplico Dehydrated Ice Cream Cone from Japan, and still others received a full-size Gourmet Hazelnut chocolate bar!”  I am thinking I received the chocolate bar but, in reality this is a chocolate roll.  This was my second favorite item in the delicious!  It literally melted in my mouth.

–     I really can’t do a cost breakdown for these items but I don’t think you get this subscription because it is a huge value; I think this subscription is just plain fun.  You get to try candy from around the world and you don’t have to search it out yourself.

Remember you can click Here and get your first box for free.  You can always cancel if you do not like this subscription but, remember it starts a monthly subscription.

Are you going to try some yummy candy?



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