What’s New Wednesday: Citrus Lane Girls 3-4 Mystery Box

Citrus Lane Mystery Box
Cost:  $29 for $60 Box
Shipping:  Contiguous 48 States
Coupon: Click Here and type code NEWSKIPHOP at checkout to receive this adorable Skip Hop Lunchie and Straw Bottle with a new monthly subscription.  I think this may be the best coupon yet and it expires this evening!

Free Citrus Lane Offer

–     Every once in awhile Citrus Lane offers Mystery Boxes and a few weeks ago I decided to purchase my first ever, a box for my little girl since her brother gets a box every month but she does not.  No worries, she gets plenty of other boxes.  They offered $19 dollar mystery boxes and $29.  I opted for the more expensive because I wanted to get my hands on the sneak peak item (my item one) to teach my daughter how to tie shoes.  You can see my Citrus Lane Subscription Review for this month by clicking HERE.

Item One:  Hape Lacing Skate ($11.99)

–     I am not sure it was a good reason to purchase this for my daughter but I really wanted this skate for education purposes.  We opened the box last night and I immediately started showing her how to tie shoes.  She was really excited to get her own CL box.

Item Two:  Green Toys Tea for Two (Blue) ($15.00)

–     If you read my blog you know my daughter is a huge fan of tea parties.  All night she took the tea set a part and played.  Then she stored it in the next item.  I am a big fan of Green Toys.  Items are made in the USA and usually out of recycled materials without harming chemicals.  I am estimating this tea set since I could not find the exact one.  I did find this one on Amazon for $20.52 and it is pretty similar:Green Toys Tea Set

Item Three:  Goodbyn Hero ($12.99)

–    I was so excited to see this in the box.  It is very large and offers two extra smaller containers that allow you to change the dynamic of the box.  B is using it right now for her tea party but mom may steal it once in awhile for work or pack it for B when she starts Pre-K.

Item Four:  An Island in the Sun ($6.99)

–     This is a cute book and my kids seem to enjoy it-when I can get them to pay attention.

Item Five:  Goodbyn Dishwasher Safe Stickers ($4.50)

–     These are adorable.  The other side offered ABC stickers and we immediately spelled out B’s name on her new teapot and Hero.

Item Six:  Olivia Lacing Cards ($9.00)

–     We have used lacing cards before but this was pretty awesome since B is currently all about Peppa Pig.  She thought these were Peppa’s friends and I did not tell her any different.  Considering we are working on tying our shoes, I thought it was pretty cool that we had more laces.

–   Value:  I am so impressed, if you count up my prices Citrus Lane delivered sixty dollars worth of items as promised.  Even more important was the look on my daughter’s face when she opened her box.

Remember you can subscribe monthly or you can purchase Mystery Boxes when they come out.

What do you think?  I think I have some very lucky kids!

–  J


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